Harry Potter Studio Tour London

Yesterday, 18th September the bf and I FINALLY went to the Harry Potter studios in London! It was honestly one of the best days so I thought I'd share some photos with you for today's post!

P.s please forgive me for the terrible quality of photos as I only took my phone with me because I've lost my camera.. oops. Enjoy! 

Of course I had to buy a t-shirt?!

I'll only share a few photos from my day there as I don't want to show too much for people who haven't been or are planning to go. I would definitely recommend going if you're a big Harry Potter fan. You can get all the details for how to book here

Let me know if you've been, what was your favourite part?

Thanks for reading .. or should I say looking!

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l'oreal hydra genius aloe water | review

L'oreal Hydragenius Aloe Water.

I've seen so many people rave about this moisturiser and honestly I thought it was just going to be another basic moisturiser and nothing special. However .. I bought a magazine a while back and they had a sample of this stuck to one of the pages so obviously I tried it and I was not disappointed!

L'oreal Hydragenius Aloe Water.

Obviously in a sample packet you don't get a lot of product maybe two or three pumps and that's pretty much it. Although the amount of product inside the sample was able to cover my face twice fully which I loved! So when I saw this out in the stores in Boots I had to buy the full bottle! I think it's usually priced at £9.99 however every now and then they put it on offer and currently it's on sale for £6.66 which you can get 
online or in stores!

L'oreal Hydragenius Aloe Water.

So it's a very thin gel-like consistency and almost feels wet. I usually do three pumps in my hand rub them together and then just put it all over my face. It absorbs almost instantly and soaks into the skin and it feels amaaaaazing! It leaves my skin feeling so refreshed, hydrated and super super soft. I leave my moisturiser in the fridge so when I use it, it's cool and refreshing and definitely a top tip for the summer to help with sun burns. 

I definitely think it's worth the hype and I will continue to repurchase. I'm already on my second bottle and half way through that already, oops!

Let me know if you've tried this and what your thoughts are, I'd love to know! Thanks for reading.