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Kylie Jenner Kyshadow - Burgundy Palette packaging

Hey lovelies!

I've been debating writing this post for so long as I'm not 100% sure if this palette is a genuine one or if it's a copy as I didn't but it directly from Kylie's website. HOWEVER, the pigment and quality of this palette is amazing so I couldn't not share it with you.

Back of Kylie Jenner Burgundy Palette - shade names

Firstly, the packaging of the palette itself is gorgeous. It's super light weight and isn't massive in size which makes it easier to take around with me on the go or if i'm staying out over night. The drops from the eye on the palette represents the metallic shades inside which I think adds such a cute little detail. The only down side to this palette I have for this palette is the fact it doesn't have a mirror, which isn't a huge deal. 

Inside The Burgundy Palette

The colours included in this palette are absolutely gorgeous! There's a nice mixture of mattes and shimmers / metallics. The metallic shades are SO pigmented and creamy. Swatching them is literally a pleasure because of how smooth and creamy they feel. When I first ever swatched them I was blown away with how pigmented they are. Considering I didn't know if it was a legit palette, I am so impressed. If this is a dupe I'm certain the pigmentation is near enough identical to the original. The matte shades apply so easily and blend so nicely. The only shade I find doesn't have much pigment is the shade 'Naked' (first shade, top row). When swatched you can see a slight shimmer and when caught in the right light you can see it glow, but compared to the other shimmers this is the least one I reach for.

Swatches of  Kylie Jenner - The Burgundy Palette

Overall, this palette is amazing and I am in LOVE. This is honestly the only palette I reach for in the mornings now, there's just a shade for everyone and every occasion. This palette screams autumn to me however the golds and reds also make me think of christmas so this palette is just an all round autumn / winter winner for me. I would highly recommend this to anyone!

That's all for this post, I hope you enjoyed it, thanks for reading!

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Hi lovelies! 

It feels like I've neglected my blog a bit lately because I haven't posted in what seems like forever! I'm blaming it on the fact I'm working in retail over the christmas period so it's just crazy and when I get home I just want to curl up in bed and never leave.

Nevertheless, I've got a few bits that I've been loving recently so I thought I'd share them with you.

(Left to Right) The Burgundy Palette, New Look Refresh & Prep spray, Aussie 3 Minute Miracle,
MUA Undressed Palette

Kylie Jenner - The Burgundy Palette / MUA Undressed Palette

Prep Skin Energising Spray 

I don't actually know what this is really supposed to do, I kind of just picked this up on a wing. I always watch tutorials and notice people spray a mist over their face before they do anything so I thought I'd just give it a whirl. I can't say that it does anything to my face appearance wise but spraying this on my face first thing in the morning before doing my make up is certainly refreshing. It's a cool and light mist which just sits on your face then soaks leaving you refreshed which is always nice I guess. 

Lord knows dry hair has been a struggle of mine ever since I decided going blonde was a good idea. Don't get me wrong blonde hair is gorgeous but it's a nightmare to keep healthy looking. After doing an ombré on my hair the ends of my hair felt so brittle and dry that I thought the only option was to just cut all my hair off and start again. ( Thankfull I didn't do that ) because I came along this little fella. I think the first sentence on the back says something along the lines of 'dry hair? can I cut my hair off' or something along the lines of cutting my hair off and that literally screamed at me so I had to try it. I did buy the whole set, so shampoo, conditioner and this deep conditioner but I can honestly say it has made my hair a lot more softer and I get a lot of people say it looks shinier too which is a bonus. I didn't really notice much difference because I usually wear my hair up in a bun so my ends get tucked away but when I have my hair down and straight I always get compliments saying my hair looks so smooth and shiny. So thanks for saving me Aussie.

I think I've mentioned this palette in a post before but I still love this palette. I think it's the price that makes me love it even more, it's so so cheap but it's such a good palette that I would highly recommend it to anyone. It has a good mixture of mattes and shimmer so you can use it for a simple everyday look or glam it up with some shimmer for night time use too. For someone who has zero skill in make up and especially eye make up, this palette makes it super easy to experiment and play around with. It's super blendable and what better way to experiement with make up than with a super affordable palette but with all the pigment?

Kylie Jenner The Burgundy Palette

Now it's thought to believe that the palette I own isn't the original ones as I bought this from a lady I know that bulk buys products from a distributor then sells them on herself. However she always say she tries her hardest to get the genuine ones but if some are dupes the quality will still be just as good. I know a lot of people moan about dupes and how they could be danagerous but she makes sure these are all tested before she sells them on to anyone so I knew that they were safe for me to use either way. But nonetheless, I freaking LOVE this palette. I've had it about three weeks now and I haven't used another palette since I've had this one I don't think. The pigment of every shade in this palette is amazing, even the shimmery metallic shades are super pigmented and they're so creamy. I swatched them the day I bought it and I honestly could've cried it was that beautiful. Genuine or not, this palette is freaking amazing and I can't wait to try more!!

That's everything for this post, sorry about the delay in recent posts but I'm hoping to make some more very soon because I love posting! Let me know what you've been loving this month! Thanks for reading!!

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I'm not one for bath's usually but today the weather was just a massive no, it was freezing so all I needed was a long hot bath and what better way to enjoy it than with a bath bomb?

I originally went in the Lush store hoping to grab some last minute halloween products but got way too distracted by the christmas ones. I'm no bath bomb expert so I don't really know what the best ones are or which ones would benefit me the most so I just went for the cute looking one. I was originally going to get the snowman bath bomb but I much preferred the smell of this one. 
Father Christmas Lush LTD bath bomb

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how cute this little fella is!! Look at his little face. When I spotted this one, I just knew I had to get it and the smell was to die for!

             "A festive bomb to bring Santa's presence into the bath. 
Once you pop this jolly bomb in your bath, 
you’ll be able to soak away the hours in sweet waters 
as the blushing red of Santa's cheeks fizz away to reveal a vivid, 
holly green center. 
All we want for Christmas is this Santa, baby!"

At first I was a little disappointed when I first put this into the bath, it didn't really seem to much other than start to dissolve but then it started to fizz around the bath and all these bright colours started shooting around the bath. At first it started off with a mixture of red and white bubbles fizzing around, but as the bomb started to dissolve more and more, the inside of the bomb was a bright green colour which definitely screamed christmas when mixed with the red. This green was so bright and the fizzing started more and more. The bomb stayed green until all of it was dissolved.

Bath water after the bomb explodes

The smell of this bomb was so so nice, it was such a sweet and comforting smell. It was really strong too, to the point my mum called smell it drifting down the hallway. It's been about an hour since getting out the bath and I can still smell the scent on myself. I love this smell and want to bathe in it for ever.

If anyone is interested in grabbing this cute little bomb for yourselves, you can grab it here

That's all for this post, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I loved laying in the bath with it. Thanks for reading!

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October's been such a random month for products. I've bought and tried so many different things this month, purely because I wanted to try loads of products to make sure my Halloween make up was good ( oops ).  But somehow my favourites this month has rounded up to two products that I've re-fallen in love with and two new products that I've found! Nevertheless let me share them with you!!

I bought this foundation a while back but for some reason after a while of using it I started to reach for other foundations that I owned over this one so this foundation sort of got pushed to the back of my collection. Until a few weeks back for some reason I decided to reach for this again and I've used it everyday since. So much so that I emptied my bottle and had to go and repurchase it again because I've fallen in love with it. It's an amazing full coverage foundation, it covers any marks and blemishes I have on my face which I love! And it also stays on for a really long time like it says. I can't go as far to say it stays on for 24 hours because I never wear my make up that long but it does stay on for a long time which is amazing! 

I bought this spray a while back one Sunday night when I browsing through Amazon at what make up I could splurge on. This spray popped up with quite a few good reviews so I was super eager to try it. I've seen quite a few people rave about LA girl too so I thought I'd give this a try. I hadn't used this for so long until I sorted my make up collection out and spotted it and now I reach for it everyday. I just spray a few sprays of this over my entire once I've finished my make up and it dries super quickly. It doesn't leave my face sticky or wet looking which is a bonus. I don't know if this has been playing a role in keeping my make up on all day but either way I love it and would reccomened people to try it!

I bought this mask when they were on offer for £5 in boots and I'm obsessed!! I've got all three masks but the detox one is definitely the one I reach for the most. I love a good face mask that lets me see that it's working. I apply a generous layer of this all over my face after cleansing and leave it to dry. I love watching it dry because that's when you start to see all the dirt and oils being pulled out of your face ( gross! ) It's so gross to see but so satisfying seeing that your skin is getting a proper cleaning. For £5 it is definitely worth the hype and I would recommend it to everyone!

Another Superdrug splurge but this time in a different store. The store on the other side of town always stocks more make up than the store next to my works which is so annoying!! But I guess it saves me more money. Anyways I went for a little browse over the MUA counter and I just couldn't leave without this palette! It was £4 and I am in love. I swatched a few shades on the back of my hand and I was blown away with the pigment. For such a cheap palette I didn't hold out much hope for it being good but I was really shocked! I was torn between this palette and the 'undress me too' palette but opted for this one as this one has a few pink shades and I'm all about pink! I'm definitely eager to try more of their products after using this palette!

That's everything for this months favourites, let me know what you've been loving this past month. Thanks for reading!

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So for Halloween this year I defiently didn't go down the scary route, I went for something cute and sparkly with a touch of blood. That makes it scary right??

Anyways, this year for Halloween I decided to dress up as a unicorn and go all out for make up. I didn't get round to taking photos of my make up the night of the Halloween party so I thought I'd recreate the look for you guys to show you. Bearing in mind on the night I had Halloween contact lenses in my eyes to make it 'scarier' and I also added eyelashes which I didn't have in these photos!

So for the first part of my eye look I took this bright pink eyeshadow from Kiko and applied it to the inner third of my eye. This eyeshadow is super pigmented even with one swatch however I wanted it to be super bright so I made sure I packed a lot on!

For the second part I went into my Laroc palette and mixed all three purple shades together and applied this to the centre of my eye. I liked that one of the purple shades I used had specks of glitter running through it so when my eyes caught the light they were shimmering and not all matte. To add to the unicorn effect of course.

Next up I went into the darkest blue shade in my Laroc palette and added this to outer third of my eye and dragged up past my temples and forehead. I packed this on quite generously as I wanted to make sure it was super covered and didn't have much of my skin showing through. Once I blended it up to where I liked it I thought my face looked a little too mate, so on top of the blue I went in with a blue shimmer eyeshadow from Poundland and patted that all over. For £1 the shimmer and glow that eyeshadow gives off is amazing!! I actually did debate using it as a highlighter.

Once I'd blended all the blue out I then went and used the Collection crystal gem glitter eyeliner to create a basic winged liner. I got this eyeliner in the shade hustle and it suited this look so so well! It's a blue undertoned glitter gel that had multi coloured specks throughout it. This eyeliner was amazing and super easy to apply and create a wing!

To finish off the look I went in with some fixing gel and added tiny little silver stars around my eye area and also added some loose pigment silver glitter. I felt that by adding the extra glitter and stars on top it really pulled the look together and gave it that unicorn glow. Obviously on the night I created this look on both eyes and added false eyelashes to finish off the look. This look was super easy to create but I got so many compliments throughout the night!


A few photos from the Halloween party with my outfit all together and hair finished.

Let me know what you dressed up as for Halloween and let me see your looks!! I'd love to see them. That's all for this post thanks for reading!

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Working in town means only two things will happen on my lunch break, I'll either go and eat fatty fast food because it's the easiest choice of food or I'll go and spend my whole life savings in superdrug or boots on make up and skin care. Clearly I went for the second option. I've accumulated a few things over the past week or so, so I thought I'd share them with you.

Loreal Clay Masks

These clay masks are on offer at the moment in Boots for £5 so I went and had a little browse. At first the Detox mask was the one I was most interested in as it claims to have charcoal added in the mask which acts as a magnet to remove all dirt from your face. However, I did pick up the Purity mask too as it claimed to help mattify the face. My t-zone can get quite oily sometimes so I picked this mask up too to try it out. I used these two masks and I love them both! The detox one is amazing, you can see the dirt being pulled out of your face, especially around your nose area. It's so gross but so satisfying to look at. I love the purity mask too, when it's drying on your face it goes so so hard you honestly can't move your face, which in a way I really like because I feel like it's helping my skin to become tighter and help fight against fine lines and wrinkles. It also leaves my skin feeling super soft afterwards too! After loving those two masks, I went back to Boots and got the Glow mask. This mask I'm a little bit hit and miss with. The smell for starters has an almost cinnamon scent to it which personally I'm not a massive fan of and when it's on my face it feels almost hot, but I'm not sure if that's what's supposed to happen or my face just doesn't agree with it. However once I washed it off my face felt super super smooth from being exfoliated and my skin did seem a little more glowing afterwards on the tops of my cheeks. So all in all, they're all really good but the detox is defo my favourite!

These finishing powders are a new product from the Freedom range as they're not yet online from the Superdrug site, however they're in stores and they're £5 each! These are loose powders which I love as you can apply a little bit or a lot depending on what you look you want to go for. I got the translucent shade and the banana shade. I'm yet to try the banana shade out but I use the translucent powder for setting my face make up and I love it. It's super light weight and doesn't leave my face cakey or like I'm wearing too much! I'm super excited for the banana shade!

Lord knows my brows are far from the best however when they've been threaded they have a shape they're just really thin as for some reason my brows just wont grow thicker. So I thought I'd buy this pomade to try and give my brows a go, I'm no make up artist when it comes to down to doing my eyebrows so I feel like it's going to take a bit of practice to get them right. I've only swatched the pomade on the back of my hand and it seems super creamy and easy to apply so I'm excited to see how this makes my brows look.

Just recently I've been loving looking at eyeshadow palettes and when I was on my little superdrug browse this little palette caught my eye. This palette has the CUTEST shades in it and I just couldn't resist. I'm obsessed with the gold shades in this palettes, they're super pigmented and apply like a dream. This palette has a colour for everyone and can be used a day time palette or a night time palette so it's perfect for everyone! For £4 no one can complain.

Halloweens just around the corner and for the look I'm going as I need the most glowing skin anyone has seen and I've heard amazing reviews about these MUA highlighters so I thought I'd pick this one up and see what it has to offer. I did swatch it on the back of my hand and it looked super cute, however the powder itself seems pretty hard to pick up on a fan brush because of the patterns across it. Although it does pick up a lot on a different brush and looks super cute on the back of my hand. I'm excited to see what it looks like on my face!

Like I said halloweens around the corner, so I'm going all out for glowing skin and glitter. I was originally looking for a silver glitter eyeliner but then I saw this colour and was in love! It has a subtle blue tint to it with multi colour sparkles throughout it and I just love it. It has a super thin brush which will make it super easy to apply and get an accurate line. I'm super excited to use this!

This last purchase was till point splurge. I love the Barry M nail polishes and as we're now in autumn what better time to start wearing dark colours? This shade is so so pretty, it's not too dark where it's almost black it has a slight purple undertone which I love! I think this colour may be my new go-to Autumn shade!

That's everything I've grabbed lately, it's a long post so if you're still here, well done!! I hope you liked this post, thank you for reading!

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Just recently I've been going crazy mad about perfecting my skin care routine and now I think I've finally mastered it. I used to be super lazy when it came to sorting out my skin but now I think I've got it down to a t!

The first thing I do is remove my make up from that day using the Simple Micellar Water on a cotton pad and just simply wipe it all over my face. This removes make up so easily but doesn't leave my face feeling greasy or oily. The next thing I do is cleanse my face using Peaches & Clean Soap & Glory Deep Cleansing Milk. I apply this on a dry face then wash it off using a wet cloth, then I apply it again on a wet face and then wash it off again. Every few days or so I like to apply a face mask to make sure my face is totally clean. The ones I've been loving recently are the Loreal Clay Masks. Each one of these masks leaves my skin feeling amazing. I've been loving the detox one the most at the minute purely because I can see the dirt being pulled out from my face. However, the 'red' one is amazing at exfoliating and removing all the dead skin cells. 

After patting my face dry I then apply a toner all over my face just to make sure all my pores are clean and closed. The toner I've been using atm is a sample size bottle of the Tea Tree Toner from the bodyshop. I love using tea tree products because I feel like they really deep clean my skin. 

After applying my toner, I then go and apply my Balance Snake Venom Eye Cream. The snake venom makes this product sound so unappealing but after reading the reviews I just went for it. I apply this both in the morning and in the night. I can't really see much of a difference to my eyes but it does leave my under eye feeling fresh. Finally in my skin care routine, I apply a night cream moisturiser to make sure my face keeps hydrated throughout the night and is left soft in the morning. The night cream I've been using at the moment is this Nivea Night Cream. This is a super light weight moisturiser but leaves my skin feeling amazing.

That's everything for this post, I hope you enjoyed this blog post, let me know what products you use in your skin care routine! Thanks for reading!

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I haven't posted a blog post in so long but I'm trying to get back into the swing of posting more often so I thought I'd quickly share with you the things I've splurged on lately.

The first thing I bought was this L'Oréal foundation after seeing Emily Canham speak about it in one of her videos. It's more on the pricey side of the drugstore foundations but personally I think it's worth it. It's a very light foundation and leaves your skin glowing. I apply it with a damp beauty blender and it gives me just enough coverage for everday use however it is a buildable foundation so if you wanted more coverage you would be able to achieve this.

Kylie Jenner Lipkit - Koko K

After watching numerous youtube videos on Kylie's lipkits, the majority of people recommended purchasing the dupes from Aliexpress as they're exactly the same. So I did just that. Bearing in mind this took soooo long to arrive that I actually forgot I'd ordered it, when it did arrive I was so excited. The packaging and everything included was in perfect condition. The lip liner included is super smooth and easy to apply as well as the liquid lipstick. The only thing I don't like is how dry it leaves my lips after wearing and how hard it is to remove. Other than that I love it and the colour is super cute!

Halloween's approaching and I needed some eyeshadow palettes' that have a variety of different colours so I had the option to mix it up if I needed to. These aren't the originals but these are SO similar to the originals you can't even tell, they even smell the same! The pigment is just as good and I'm so happy with these purchases. I used the Bon Bon palette today and the look was so cute! I would definetly recommend if you're after these palettes but don't want to pay the full price.

Make Up Gallery - Poundland

So like I said, Halloween is coming up and I need all the make up I can find, ( I'm using Halloween as an excuse just to buy make up ) but anyways! I'm planning to go as a unicorn for Halloween so I need all the light and shimmering make up and believe it or not, poundland make up is actually amazing. I got two of these eyeshadow sticks in a white and a pinky colour and MY GOD, the colour of the white one is amazing!! I think I'm just going to use it as a highlighter, it's honestly amazing!! I also picked up an eyeshadow in the shade ocean blue thinking it would be good for the look i'm doing for Halloween and again this one is amazing too!! I'm thinking I could use this a highlighter too or maybe along my collar bones for Halloween, for a pound I'm in love!!

That's everything I've grabbed lately, I hope you liked this post!! thanks for reading!

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Ever watch a Youtube video and then 10 minutes later find yourself on your laptop buying 90% of the products that were used throughout the video? That's exactly what happened here. I spent my night watching Emily Canham's video where she tried w7 products for the first time and after watching that I was so interested to see if the products actually worked so obviously I had to get some bits and I'm going to share them with you so enjoy!

The first two things I bought from the w7 range was actually before I'd watched Emily's video. I read on someone's blog that they swear by these primers so I looked them up on Amazon and managed to find both of them from the same seller. The first one I found was the W7 Porefection Pore Minimizer primer and then the second one was the W7 Prime Magic Face Primer. I think these were around the £2/3 mark they were super super cheap that's why I grabbed both. Honestly I didn't find these primers great I'd still reach for my Nivea Men Shaving Balm over these two. I just feel like neither of them made much difference to my skin or to my appearance.

I bought these purely because it said it contained tea tree so I sold on that. However after reading the reviews on this product I was even more eager to try it out to see if it was actually worth it. I paid £1.27 for this concealer so it was literally a steal, and to be honest, for that price I really wasn't expecting much. When it arrived the condition of it was perfect, it was sealed so I knew that it was a brand new one, however I used it once then put it away then when I went back to use it the next time the stick had actually broken so now I can't wind it up or down or the whole thing will just fall out which is sooo annoying!! However the product itself is beautiful! It's super creamy and really easy to blend and apply to literally wherever you want. It's not that brightening I found so I did have to add a bit of my Collection concealer on top just to make sure the dark circles where fully covered. The smell of tea tree is gorgeous though! I would recommend trying it out.

I'm forever seeing people rave about how good banana shaded powder is and how amazing it leaves your skin however I think I may be the only person who isn't actually that keen on it which is annoying because I was hoping I was going to love it and then be able to use it all the time. I just find it leaves my skin especially my undereyes looking so so yellow which it's obviously going to do because of the colour but I just didn't like how it looked. I applied it with a brush lightly the first time and that was ok but still slightly yellow and then the next time I applied with my beauty blender and the yellow tone was worse. It's a really light weight powder though which is great because it doesn't feel heavy or look cakey which is a plus. I'm just the annoying one who doesn't like the colour. 

I got this purely because Emily mentioned that it's a really good dupe for the Benefit Hula Bronzer I think was the comparison so of course I had to grab this. I haven't yet tried this but I'm super excited to see the outcome of what it looks like on the skin. I did run the brush that comes with it over the top of the powder but the brush seemed to pick next to nothing up so I'll have to have a proper test of it using another brush! It looks really dark in the packaging which is a bit worrying as I'm the palest person to walk the earth so I'm not too sure how that's going to work out but we'll give it a go!

This little duo reminds me so much of the Makeup Revolution contour trio because of the colour of the bronzer and highlight. The highlight is what caught my eye the most in this duo so I'm super excited to see how that turns out. I only received this in the post today so I'm yet to see how good it works but I did run my fingers over the powders and they seem really pigmented so I hope they are good!!

That's everything I grabbed on my little W7 splurge, I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what your favourite W7 products are!! Thanks for reading!

nails of the week | courtneyleighblogs

Lord knows I am the worst when it comes to nails and the patience I have for waiting for them to dry but I never like leaving them unpainted so when I attempt to do them it's literally the most basic design or colour ever. However, today I thought I'd share my nails with you and what polish I used!

This is the easiest design but I think it looks so so cute! Originally I only painted my nails with the Barry M Rose Hip nail polish but I thought it'd looked a bit plain and boring so I thought I'd add some colour. I was going to pain the nail on my fourth finger a brighter colour but I changed my mind and went for polka dots. For the polka dots I used a matte finish polish from Primark. I don't know the exact name of the polish but I think it's mint. It's a really pale green colour and it's so cute! To make the polka dots I just dipped the end of a cotton bud into the polish and then on my nail and it worked perfectly!

That's all for this post, I hoped you enjoyed it, thanks for reading!

face of the day | courtneyleighblogs

It feels like I haven't posted in ages, so I thought I'd do a quick little post mentioning the products I've used today!

Freedom Pro Studio Oil Control Base

If you have oily skin or you struggle wearing glowy foundations then honestly this is the bas for you! I could only ever survive with wearing matte foundations because I always get an oily t-zone, but after wearing this I can wear literally any foundation I want to. I don't even know how it does it but I am oil free all day it's amazing!!

L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24Hr Foundation

For foundation I've been using this L'Oreal Infallible foundation recently and I love it! When I first bought it I struggled wearing it for long periods of time because of how oily my t-zone got so I always went back to the matte version but now I have the oil control base, I've been loving this foundation! It's super good coverage and leaves me with such a nice glow. It also isn't too heavy on my skin either which I love.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

To cover and brighten up my under eyes I've used my trusty Collection concealer. I use this everyday without fail. It's the only concealer that I've found doesn't crease crazily under my eyes whereas most concealers I've used tend to. It's also super high coverage for such a cheap concealer. I think this could probably be the best drugstore concealer there is. It's also really good at hiding blemishes / spots too.

Maybelline Matte Maker

This powder is so white and brightening that it's perfect for setting my under eye concealer. I just dab my Real Techniques sponge into this product then pat it under my eyes to set everything. This powder is so light weight I can't even feel it on my face and it leaves me looking super awake!

Ps Cream Contour Kit

I picked this contour kit up the other weekend because I'd seen someone mention it in a youtube video and I was really eager to see if it actually works. I picked a cream one because I always lean toward the powder products so I thought I'd try something different. It's actually a really pigmented product however, once it's blended in, it doesn't leave that much of an effect. However, I feel like you could layer it and it wouldn't look or cakey or too much because it's a really light product. The colour variations of the three shades is really good and I feel like there's a colour for everyone!

Miss Sporty Insta-glow Bronzer

I've used this bronzer for so long and I love it! It gives such a cute and glowy effect on the skin once it's applied and doesn't leave you looking orange which is always a bonus I guess. For such a cheap product I wasn't expected it too be overly pigmented but it's honestly gorgeous! For £2.99 I would recommend everyone to go out and try it!

Maybelline Lash Sensational

I have a love-hate relationship with this mascara and it's so annoying because I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't love it. At first I loved the product but hated the brush but now it's flipped and I love the brush and I'm not so keen on the product. It just doesn't really do much for my eyelashes. It doesn't really hold my curl they just kind of drop throughout the day, however it does add a bit of length to my lashes which is a plus. I really like the brush, because of it's shape it's super easy to get all the lashes and perfect for the bottom ones too!

Freedom Pro Fixing Spray

To set everything into place I just spray this all over my face and then let it set. It dries natural so you can't see it on your face and it doesn't leave any streaking over your make up which is perfect. I didn't have high hopes for this as it was so cheap but it keeps my make up in place all day so I can't complain!

That's everything I have on my face today,  I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading!!

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