How I remove my make up | courtslm

I love reading about how people remove their make up or what products they use for their skin care routine so I thought I'd share with you my very basic and very quick removing my make up routine. 

First I'll remove my eye make up using this Nivea eye make up remover. I just apply a small amount onto a cotton pad and rub my eyes in circular motions. This products removes any eye make up so quick and easily so I don't have to rub my eyes or scrub too hard to get it all off. This can remove even the most stubborn mascaras which I love because some previous products always left behind some mascara.

After all my eye make up is removed I will quickly go and splash my face with water and then apply a small amount of this blackhead scrub on to my fingertips. I then dot it around my face and rub it in using circular motions making sure I focus on my t zone. This product is perfect at removing blackheads and removing any excess make up that gets stuck in my pores. This also isn't too harsh on my skin so it's perfect for using daily.

These cleansing pads are my holy grail I swear! Not only are these great at removing any blackheads but these are super helpful at removing any extra make up that I may have missed with the face scrub. I especially like using these pads around my hairline and around my nose because you can get to the places you might not be able to focus on whilst using the scrub. These pads have one 'rough' side and one 'smooth' side. The rough side is the side to use to remove any dirt or make up and then the smooth side is to close all the pores making sure nothing can get it. These are too harsh which is perfect for being able to use everyday!

Now that all my make up is removed and my face is clean, I need to reapply the moisture that's been taken out. The moisturiser I use is this one from Nivea. You can get this moisturiser in almost every shop, I think you can even find it in Poundland! It's super cheap but works wonders. You only need a small amount because a little goes a long way. It leaves my skin feeling super hydrated without feeling too heavy or sticky on my face which I love! It comes in a little tube as well which is handy because I can just chuck it in my make up bag and take it with me!

That's everything for this post, I hope you enjoyed reading this one! Leave me a comment on what products you love to use to remove your make up! Thanks for reading,

Courtney x

Primark Holiday Haul | courtslm

My first ever post and what better way to start my blog than with a clothes haul?? so I'm off to Gran Canaria on the 13th June so I've started browsing for some holiday bits and as I work at Primark, I'm always able to see the new stuff that comes in, which is a curse and a blessing, but anyways on with the haul!

Black and Tan Suede - Feel Sandals - £5.

So the first thing that I purchased were these tan and black sandals. At the moment I have a slight obsession with anything tan coloured so obviously I had to get these sandals. I also got the black ones purely because black go with anything.

So like I said, I bought the tan coloured ones first but after getting home and trying them on I fell in love with how comfortable they were so I had to go back and get the black ones too, ooops! They're so super soft and make anything outfit look that extra bit cute. I usually struggle with sandals ruining my feet but these are perfect.

Blue / Pink patterned lounge shorts - £3

Next thing I grabbed was these gorgeous shorts. Firstly I bought these because of the stunning pattern. The pattern looked so Moroccan like and just screamed holiday so I had to get them. I thought these would be perfect for throwing over my bikini bottoms or just for sitting beside the pool because they're super lightweight and flowy.

Pink Triangle Tie Bikini - 

Moving on to bikinis, I've had a slight obsession with looking for bikinis, everyone I see I just want to buy because they're all so cute. But the one that grabbed my eye the most was this pink one. It reminded me so much of the Triangl bikinis but for like half the price. I also love that the top and bottoms both have ties so you can alter how tight or loose you want the straps. I can't remember how much exactly this set was but I think the top was around £6 and the bottoms were £3 or £4, they were super cheap and cute so can't complain!

Pink / White Block Bikini - £10

Who can ever have enough bikinis?! This one I literally could NOT ignore. This is another bikini that reminded me of the Triangl ones but like I said half the price. I love the colour and design of this bikini and I also love that you can alter between strapped or strapless which is a huge bonus. The bikini itself is super supportive in the bra area so you don't have to worry about it giving you not support because it's already there for you. I think the top was £6 and then the bottoms were £4, I've left a link to the site above so you can check it ourselves, they also have it in a mint colour, cuuuuuute!

So that was everything I grabbed on my little Primark mid-shift splurge. I hope you enjoyed this first blog post, let me know what you've been loving in Primark! Thanks for reading!

Courtney x