Get to know me tag | courtslm

I love getting to know stuff about bloggers that I read regularly so I thought it'd be a cute idea to leave a little post with facts about me. I'm sure I'll get about 1 person read it but if you learn something about me then I've achieved something! I don't have a certain set of questions I just googled it and picked the first one so, yeah I hope you enjoy this post, let me know in the comments if we share anything in common I'd love to know!

1. Full name - Courtney Leigh Mayhew
2. Zodiac sign - Taurus
3. 3 fears - frogs, walking in the dark & meeting new people
4. 3 things I love - my boyfriend, my dog & roast dinners
5. How many tattoos / piercings do I have - 0 tattoos and 4 piercings
6. My favourite movie - Love, Rosie & The Harry Potter movies
7. Any social media accounts
💻 @_courtneymayhew , 📸 c.ourrtney , 📷 blog account courtslm, 👻 c0urtssx 
8. What concerts have I seen live - One Direction x 5, Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, Conor Maynard, The Script, Ed Sheeran, Teen Awards x2, there's probably more but I can't remember 
9. When is my birthday - 5th May 1997
10. Future plans - to be happy!!!

Okay so once I started reading those questions I realised they were quite boring but hey never mind I hope you enjoyed the post! thanks for reading, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee x


  1. I second the loving of roast dinners! And also my dog! I also have 4 piercings excluding my lobes - I used to have my belly, tragus and scaffold done too but I had to take them out. Really want my belly and scaffold done again, what have you all got? Any plans for ever getting a tattoo? Xox

    Jenny /

    1. Honestly can't go wrong with a roast dinner! Aw what breed do you have? I have a 7 month old pug called Tilly! I have my lobes pierced but I never wear any earrings which is annoying because I really want to start wearing them again I just always have to make sure they are real silver or they mess up my ears up😭 I have my belly pierced and my tragus and my tongue! I love my belly button piercing I've had it for about 6 years now. I would love to get a tattoo too I'm just not sure what or when I'd get it done, I feel like I'd have to pluck up the nerve first haha, how about you? Xx