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So it literally felt like I was sat here typing up my April favourites two minutes ago but here we are a month later! I've tried some new things this month so I will share what I have been loving.
I've been loving two different sets of shampoo and conditioner this month. The first set that I bought was the L'Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Luminiser High Shine shampoo and conditioner. I bought this set a few weeks ago because I was going on holiday to Centre Parcs and knew I'd end up washing my hair loads because of swimming and the hot tub ect so my hair would be dry and dull. I don't know if it's made my hair shiner but it does make my hair feel weightless and super soft which is what I love about it. It saved my hair from the chlorine and harsh water and left it feeling super soft. My boyfriend also stole the shampoo too on holiday because it made his hair smell 'nice'! All in all I love it and would highly recommend! 

The next set of hair products I've been loving is the Matrix Total Results So Long Damage shampoo and conditioner. I bought this because I recently had my hair ombré by my sister and she used this set to wash out the dye and bleach. Honestly, it left my hair feeling amazing like I hadn't even just dyed my hair. My sister is a hairdresser and really recommended these as she uses them all the time and her hair is so much better once she's used it so I went for it. The products restore all the proteins in your hair that had been lost through heat / dye damage which is perfect! 

The next thing I bought was this face mask from LUSH, Brazened Honey mask. I actually had a lady who worked these sit me down and compare two different face masks on the back of my hand after I told her what I was looking for and I actually ended up choosing this mask over the one I would've bought myself. Although I'm not a huge lover on the scent it does leave my face feeling amazing. It's also a mask you leave in the fridge so when you apply it to your face it's super cool and refreshing. It also has almond shells in it which help to exfoliate your skin which I love doing! It also leaves your face brightened and soft which is a win win for me in a face mask.

I picked up this concealer along side the Master Sculpt set because Superdrug had a 2 for £10 offer on so I couldn't resist! I always see people rave about the Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye concealer so I thought I'd give it a go. I usually use the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer under my eyes but this Maybelline one is so so light and weightless compared to the Collection one which I love! It also blends super easily and brightens my under eyes so well. I wouldn't say it was a high coverage concealer but you could build on it if you wanted to hide blemishes but I feel like it mainly is just for under your eyes. 

Maybelline Master Sculpt

I'm not actually a huge lover of contouring ( purely because I'm awful at make up ) but I thought I'd get this as I've been really eager to try contouring and this palette honestly doesn't fail. It defines my cheekbones so well and blends super well. It comes with a little brush and compact mirror underneath the shades which is really handy. I use the little brush to apply the lines of contouring and then I go in with a bigger brush and blend it all out with that. I'm not a huge lover of the highlight I have a better one inside my Revoultion set but the contour shade is amazing and I love it!

Striped Wide Shoulder Sweater

And the last thing I bought was this striped slouch sweater from H&M. I bought this purely because I didn't have any nice sweaters or jumpers to take with me and English weather being the way it is I had to pack for hot and cold temperatures so I grabbed this. It's SO soft and comfortable and I love it! I actually might go back and buy the maroon coloured one they have as well. It's so easy to just throw on with leggings or jeans and looks super cute. And it was only £9.99 so who can complain?!

That was everything for this post, I hope you enjoyed it, thanks for reading!!

Courtney x

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