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You know when you read a book and then fall in love with the story line and THEN they make a film about the said book and you feel like your whole life has been made and you can die happy? Yeah me too, although maybe not so much this time.


From book to movie. So originally I wanted to watch the film first when it came out in the cinema purely because Cara was the main star and I mean c'mon 😻 I looooooove her, BUT I never got round to watching it in cinema as they didn't keep it running for that long so I kind of just blew it off after that. But then my holiday started approaching and I wanted a book to take on the plane with me to read so I thought I'd buy this book and then if the story line was good I'd then go and watch the film. 

So turns out I read like ten pages of the book on the plane purely because I couldn't concentrate but I ended up reading it every single night in bed and became obsessed with the story line. I found myself never wanting to put the book down which is something I love when reading a book. I love having the feeling that I want to carry on reading more and more of the story just to see what happens.

For anyone who doesn't know the story line i will try and explain it as quick and shortly as i can but I'm not that great but basically a boy ( Quentin ) has been in love with his neighbour for years ( margo ) as they were basically best friends when they were kids but as time goes on their friendship drifts but he is still as in love with her as always. Fast forward to a night where she appears in his bedroom window explaining that she has nine tasks that she wants to complete before the end of the night and needs Quentin to tag along. Bearing in mind these 'tasks' aren't exactly the safest or smartest of tasks, they're more revenge tasks than basic tasks. Which in my opinion adds more excitement to the storyline. Anyhow they complete the tasks and then the next day she disappears off the face of the earth and leaves behind 'clues' for Quentin to find so he can work out where she's gone. Sooooo as he finds the clues the story unravels but I won't spoil the ending so you'll have to watch or read it yourself!! 

Fast forward to watching the movie. Disappointed is the first word that comes to mind. Although the film itself is still a good film, after reading the book I was expecting more from it. First of in the book the nine tasks Margo has to complete every single task is mentioned in the book in detail however in the film only a few are mentioned which was SO annoying because some of them were so good. Next thing that was annoying was the 'road trip' Quentin and his group of friends go on wasn't as detailed in the film than what it was in the book. In the book they go on a road trip to find margo the night after prom but in the film they go before prom which is annoying because it twists the story line a little. There's a lot of little things that are different in the book than the movie but I feel like the more I tell you, I might as well just tell you the whole story.

All in all I would reccomend the book over the film purely because of the added detail but the film is still worth a watch!! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading! 

a week in the canary islands | courtneyleighblogs

So I'm back from my holiday and back to reality... It feels like I counted down to this holiday for so so long and then it came and was over in the blink of an eye. But anyways I thought I would share some of the photos I took whilst I was over there. I love flicking through the photos other bloggers post from their holidays so I thought I'd share the same.

So first off we stayed in the Paradise Valle Taurito hotel. It's in a small location on the island surrounded by 6 or 7 other hotels. All the hotels surrounding my hotel were from the same company which was 'Paradise Hotel and Resorts' or the 'Princess Hotel and Resorts'. The location is lovely as you have your own little private beach which doesn't get too busy so there's always the perfect spot to sunbathe in without being too close to anyone else. They also have a large supply of sun loungers that you could hire out for the day for like 6 euros or so.


Is a holiday even complete if you didn't take a 'hot dog' leg photo?? Really? But anyways as you can see there was plenty of sun loungers to chose from and the beach was just the right size for everyone in the area. The sand itself was gorgeous but extremely hot!! Like unbearably hot if you stood up for too long. It was literally a sprint from your towel to the sea before you burnt your feet but other than that it was perfect. ( apart from sticking to my whole body as soon as I touched it... ).

Moving on to the sea. It was the clearest bluest sea I've eve layed my eyes on and I was in love!! Most nights we spent a good half an hour - an hour just sitting on the rocks on the side of the beach just watching the sea because it was so calm and peaceful. We also spent most of our time there because we discovered a huge amount of crabs living on the rocks toward the sea there. And when I say crabs I don't mean tiny ones, these ones were HUGE. 

Like I said before the hotel was in a little location surrounded by 6 / 7 hotels in an area called Taurito. We didn't realise that you were unable to walk out of Taurito to visit other towns or areas of the island because once you leave the resort area you are on a motorway... So the only way to leave was by taxi or bus which adds up if you plan to leave a number of times. We did leave the resort once to visit Mogan to go on a submarine trip. I'd wanted to visit Mogan before we even came on holiday because I'd seen pictures of it and thought it looked gorgeous! Luckily our submarine trip was on a Friday which is the day the local market is held in Mogan. It also happens to be the largest market on the island so it does get quite busy throughout the day. 

This little town was given the nickname ' Little Venice ' because of its Italian looking buildings throughout the harbour and for the little river running through the centre. These little roads were right next to the market and were absolutely stunning! They were so cute and well presented that I could've probably stood and took photos all day long.

This side of the island was so photogenic and pretty that I'm so so glad I actually got the chance to come and visit it. I would highly recommend going here if you ever get the chance to go to Gran Canaria.

The hotel itself was amazing. It had everything we'd ever need to make an enjoyable holiday, considering we wasn't able to leave the resort bit either. It had an amazing waterpark right outside the hotel door which was free to use because we were all inclusive. The food and drinks inside the waterpark were also free as well which was amazing. There was only a handful of slides but they were so fun and adrenaline rushing! 

The only downside was the water in the waterpark was salt water because it's cheaper for them to clean so it stings and tastes vile when it goes in your mouth!!

The hotel pool was a lot better because it was chlorine so it wasn't so harsh on your skin or eyes and didn't taste vile when it went in your mouth. Although it was smaller and quiet cold it was quiet refreshing to go in for a dip or to just lounge around by. Plus there was an all inclusive pool bar so you can't complain.

I didn't get any photos of the hotel itself which is annoying thinking about it now because it was so lovely. The room we stayed in was so spacious and modern. The bed we had was amazing size, although it was two beds pushed to together to make a double it seemed a lot bigger than a double bed which I loved because I can spread out haha! 

That's all I'm going to post about this holiday otherwise I feel like I'll ramble for months but the hotel was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone, there's something for everything to get involved with! Thanks for reading!


what's in my in-flight bag | courtneyleighblogs

I'm going on holiday tomorrow morning and I've left all my packing til the last minute ( shock!! ) But I thought I'd share with you what I'm taking with me in my in flight bag.
So first off I bought a new bag from River Island that I am absolutely obsessed with so that's the bag that's coming with me through the airport and on to the plane. It's an all black bucket style suede bag and it's absolutely gorgeous! It's not too small but it's not to big either so it's the perfect size for everything I need to take with me.
I'm probably going to pack too much stuff that I don't need but I always do that. The first thing that's going into my bag is my Paper Towns book. I was originally going to take my Kindle on the plane with me but then I decided it took too much room and I'd have to take the plug so that was just too much for me so I just bought this book. I've wanted to watch the film for ages but never got round to actually watching it so I thought I'd read the book first. I've heard good reviews so I'm excited to dive into this.

Skin Therapy Light Face Moisturiser

I'm taking this Skin Therapy Light Hydrating Moisturiser with me on the plane apparently being in the air is the place that makes your skin the most dehydrated and dry so hopefully this will help with that.

I grabbed this cute little pocket mirror from Tiger yesterday to just chuck inside my bag in case I decided to apply some make up just before we landed or just to check on anything. I probably won't use it but I thought I'd bring it just in case.

I don't really know why these are coming with me on the plane because we land in Gran Canaria at half 6 and then we have to go on a coach to the hotel so I won't even see the sun but 'just in case'. These were only £3 from Primark and they're so pretty!!

I have this unconscious paranoia that I'm going to smell pr I'm going to get really hot and it makes me so uncomfortable so I will always have a spray or deodorant in my bag with me. I'm going to be taking a small roll on deodorant with me just so I can apply it whenever I want to and it won't cause a problem for anyone around me. I was originally going to take a body mist spray with me but it was over 100ml so it's not allowed in my hand luggage, which is sooooooooo annoying!!!

I have few other bits that will be coming with me, like my purse, definitely my passport, boarding passes, euros ect but I haven't decided on a few things, so if they make their way into my hand luggage I will be sure to do a part 2 to this post.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed this post!

lazy girl removing make up routine | courtslm

If you're lazy like me and like to spend the littlest of time removing your make up or if you sometimes you cannot be bothered to do anything but refuse to leave your make up on then this little routine is perfect for you!

As you can see there's three products that I use. THREE. I used to have a massive list of products that I'd use to remove my make up and it used to take me ages but now I'm just like nope! So on days where I just want to remove my make up and not worry about exfoliating or having a deep deep cleanse then this is what I'll use.

To remove my eye make up I just a apply a small amount of this make up remover onto a little cotton pad and just rub in circular motions around my eyes. I found this product in Wilkinsons and it was 95p!!! It's actually amazing and for the price I think I'm actually in love. It removes my eye make up so easily and quickly without being too harsh on my eyes. I have a tendency for my eyes to go bright red and bloodshot all the time if my eyes don't agree with the littlest of things but this is fine. Also a little bit goes a long way so the product will last a long time.

Now this is a recent discovery of mine but I'm in love with it! First of it smells like yoghurt which I love. It's called 'Peaches and Clean' but I think it smells more like apricots but anyways it smells amazing. I just put a few small pumps of this into my hand and rub my hands together and then just apply it all over my face in circular motions making sure it covers all my face where my make up was. To remove it I get a dry cotton pad and just wipe away the cleanser, it removes the cleanser and make up at the same time and isn't too harsh on my skin. I do this until all the product is off and if I feel like my skin needs it I'll repeat the cleanser but most of the time all my make up comes off the first time round so there's no need. This leaves my skin feeling super soft and smells amazing. 

Finally I just apply a small layer of this Nivea Face, Body and Hand moisturiser all over my face to make sure my skin is left hydrated and super soft after removing all my make up. This moisturiser works a treat and is honestly my holy grail I use it constantly!

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading!

Courtney x

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zoella body fondant first impressions | courtslm

Zoella Body Fondant

So when Zoella released her new Sweet Inspirations range I was sooo excited to try a few bits but mainly I wanted to try the body fondant shimmer balm. I don't know why but I just couldn't stop thinking about it once I watched her video showing it, so obviously when it was released in Superdrug I had to go and get it! 

First of, can we appreciate the packaging?! It's so so gorgeous and all the pastel colours go so well together. It's such a photographic product and would look so cute on any desk or make up storage. I'm also loving the gold colour of the font too it stands out so well on the striped background.

So this is what it looks like once you take off the lid. At first I was a bit sceptical because the balm is quite an orangey brown colour and I thought it would just leave my arms a orangey tone. You also get this cute little pad / sponge thing ( I don't know what it's called!! ). This is super soft and I love the little lace Zoella tab at the back, I think all these little details make the product so much better. 

So when I first tried the product, I found it was a little hard to get a lot of the product on to the pad as its a balm you really have to push hard on the pad to get the product on. Once you have enough product on the pad you just apply it to your arms / legs or chest area wherever you want to put it and just apply it in circular motions making sure it's all over. 

The pad is super soft so it isn't rough on your skin and doesn't hurt or leave any marks behind. It applies the product so well and it leaves your skin so glowy and shimmery. I applied this in my bedroom so at first I didn't think it was doing anything other than making me smell nice but once I went downstairs and got outside in the natural sun light you can see the shimmer so well!

It looks like it has specks of glitter throughout once it's applied to your skin but it's not crazy amounts it's the cutest little shimmer ever and would look amazing on holiday or with a gorgeous tan.

Another thing to mention is the smell! Omg it is gorgeous! It's not too overwhelming like I thought it would be when Zoella mentioned it was a sweet smell. It's a sweet smell with an undertone of vanilla and it's the most gorgeous smell ever. She mentioned in her video once you have this balm on you wouldn't need a spray or mist because the balm is so strongly scented which is so true. I keep getting little sniffs of it every now and then and I can't get enough, it's absolutely gorgeous! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading!

Courtney x

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collective haul | courtslm

So recently I've been spending too much on random stuff and telling myself 'it's for my holiday' when realistically I just have a problem and need to be stopped. But I thought I'd share with you some of what I've collected over the past week or so.

Working in a shop right next to Superdrug is such a bad thing for my bank account because I'm constantly looking around in there on my lunch break buying stuff I don't need. On this lunch break I only picked up three things which is acceptable I think and they had a 2 for £5 offer on all Barry M Gelly Hi Shine nail polish so obviously I had to get some. The shades I bought were Prickly Pear and Rose Hip. Whilst I was there I also picked up the L'Oreal Paris 24hr Infallible Foundation in the shade Vanilla. I already have the matte style of this foundation so I thought I'd give this one a try too!

Had to include this photo because I am in love with this colour ( Prickly Pear ), it's so so cute!
The next two things I picked up were these hair products from L'Oreal. I had already purchased the Luminiser shampoo and conditioner set a few backs and I really wanted to try out the gloss spray so I had to pick it up, It was also on offer so I defiantly had to get it, I'm super excited to see what it does to my hair and to see if it leaves me with any added shine!

The other L'Oreal product that I picked up was this Hot and Straight heat protection spray. I grabbed this whilst I was having a browse around Savers because it was like £1.99 so I thought why not. I also got this to take on holiday with me because I know I'm going to end up blow drying my hair before we go out and I don't want to make any more damage to my hair.

Soltan Protect & Tan SPF 15

Boots were having an offer of 'Buy one get one half price' on all their travel bits so I grabbed these two Soltan products because I'm off to Gran Canaria soon and will need all the protection I can get. I got this protect and tan spray because I want to be protected from the sun to make sure I don't get burnt but I also want to come home a better colour than what I left. So I thought this product would work perfectly!

Soltan Moisturising Aftersun

For the half price offer I also picked up the aftersun spray from the same range because my skin becomes so dry after being out in the sun for too long so I needed something to help restore the moisture I will lose. I also wanted aftersun because applying it at night when your skin is all hot and bothered is literally the best thing ever! It's such a refreshing feeling and cools my skin right down.

I also picked up this L'Oreal leave in conditioner cream. I saw this randomly on the side of an aisle and then I couldn't find anymore of it anywhere so I just had to get this one, but I thought this cream would also be good for taking on holiday and just leaving in at the ends of my hair so they don't become all dry and horrible and start snapping off. I think this was like £2.99 or something like that, it was really cheap so why the hell not.

Peaches & Clean Deep Cleansing Milk

It's unreal how long I've been eyeing up this cleanser for, honestly I've wanted it for so long but just never got round to picking it up but I went in town with my boyfriend to get the last little bits for our holiday and finally caved and bought it and now I'm so glad I did. I've used it a few times so far and it's so good, it removes my make up so quickly and isn't too harsh around my eye area either which is a bonus. You can also use it on a dry face or wet face depending on what you prefer but both ways work just as good!

Next stop was River Island, I saw this jumper when I went on holiday to Centre Parcs and was like 'need need need' so when I came home I had a look in the River Island store on my way to work and they only had 1 left so I HAD to get it I mean c'mon it was basically fate. I love this jumper and feel like I'm going to end up living in it and having no regrets.

Last stop was Primark. As always I spend my life inside that shop working or not I'm always on the browse for the new lines. I always end up spending so much in Primark it's becoming a problem but never mind. The first thing I picked up was a Cold Shoulder blouse. They had it in so many patterns and styles but I went for the safe option and got the plain white one. It's such a simple blouse but it's super cute and would look cute paired with jeans or even shorts so win, win!

Summertime Goals Vest

This top is so cute and easy to throw on, I couldn't say no. It's super light and flowy which is what I love when it comes to summer tops, I can't stand wearing anything that sticks to me. I just love the little print on it, it just makes the gloomy British days a little better.

First thing I picked up was this white travel pillow. I needed one because I'm going on holiday soon and don't want to end up with neck cramp all the way there. This one was super soft too so happy days. The next thing I picked up was this white flowy cami. I grabbed this to take on holiday so I can just throw it over my bikini or tuck into some shorts or something. It's super light weight so it won't stick to me or make me even hotter. I also picked up these striped flip flops, these were only 90p! These are perfect for walking to and from the pool / beach area and are super easy to just throw on for breakfast ect so that is why I grabbed those. The last thing I picked up was these grey mesh insert shorts, I bought these to wear at night because I don't have any light weight pyjamas, mine are all full leg length ones or onsies. oops. These are super stretchy and thin material so they will perfect for keeping me cool.


That was everything I have managed to collect over the past few weeks, I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading!

Courtney x

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Life with a pug | courtslm

Pugs are the cutest breed of the dog am I right? How could you resist their scrunched up faces and curled up tails, I mean c'mon! But there's a list of things that I've realised that all pug owners will be able to relate to so I thought I'd share them!

Personal space 

Trying to explain personal space to a pug is like trying to talk to someone in a different language. Whether it's the bathroom, the shower, your bed or the sofa your pug will be there, without a doubt. 

Nap time?

Nap time is every minute of the day for a pug. Someone once told me that pugs were really lazy dogs and I didn't think anything of it but my god, they are forever napping! Honestly my body has become prone to the sound of snoring. 


 Black clothes?

No. That is always the answer. Black clothes around a fawn pug is the worst, they are no longer black because they are covered in tiny little white hairs. I'm forever carrying around a lint roller to roll away the hair. Annoying but you can't get mad. 

Everything pug

If you own a pug its almost compulsory that you own every item that has a pug on it. Tops? Socks? Pyjamas? Pillows? Everything. Even if you don't own a pug, pug clothes are cute anyway so win, win.

Best friends for life

Once you own a pug you've gained a friend for life. Seens as they follow you around everywhere, you might as well make the most of it! I'd like to think they'd class me as their best friend but that's probably not the case but we'll just go with it! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee x