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So I'm back from my holiday and back to reality... It feels like I counted down to this holiday for so so long and then it came and was over in the blink of an eye. But anyways I thought I would share some of the photos I took whilst I was over there. I love flicking through the photos other bloggers post from their holidays so I thought I'd share the same.

So first off we stayed in the Paradise Valle Taurito hotel. It's in a small location on the island surrounded by 6 or 7 other hotels. All the hotels surrounding my hotel were from the same company which was 'Paradise Hotel and Resorts' or the 'Princess Hotel and Resorts'. The location is lovely as you have your own little private beach which doesn't get too busy so there's always the perfect spot to sunbathe in without being too close to anyone else. They also have a large supply of sun loungers that you could hire out for the day for like 6 euros or so.


Is a holiday even complete if you didn't take a 'hot dog' leg photo?? Really? But anyways as you can see there was plenty of sun loungers to chose from and the beach was just the right size for everyone in the area. The sand itself was gorgeous but extremely hot!! Like unbearably hot if you stood up for too long. It was literally a sprint from your towel to the sea before you burnt your feet but other than that it was perfect. ( apart from sticking to my whole body as soon as I touched it... ).

Moving on to the sea. It was the clearest bluest sea I've eve layed my eyes on and I was in love!! Most nights we spent a good half an hour - an hour just sitting on the rocks on the side of the beach just watching the sea because it was so calm and peaceful. We also spent most of our time there because we discovered a huge amount of crabs living on the rocks toward the sea there. And when I say crabs I don't mean tiny ones, these ones were HUGE. 

Like I said before the hotel was in a little location surrounded by 6 / 7 hotels in an area called Taurito. We didn't realise that you were unable to walk out of Taurito to visit other towns or areas of the island because once you leave the resort area you are on a motorway... So the only way to leave was by taxi or bus which adds up if you plan to leave a number of times. We did leave the resort once to visit Mogan to go on a submarine trip. I'd wanted to visit Mogan before we even came on holiday because I'd seen pictures of it and thought it looked gorgeous! Luckily our submarine trip was on a Friday which is the day the local market is held in Mogan. It also happens to be the largest market on the island so it does get quite busy throughout the day. 

This little town was given the nickname ' Little Venice ' because of its Italian looking buildings throughout the harbour and for the little river running through the centre. These little roads were right next to the market and were absolutely stunning! They were so cute and well presented that I could've probably stood and took photos all day long.

This side of the island was so photogenic and pretty that I'm so so glad I actually got the chance to come and visit it. I would highly recommend going here if you ever get the chance to go to Gran Canaria.

The hotel itself was amazing. It had everything we'd ever need to make an enjoyable holiday, considering we wasn't able to leave the resort bit either. It had an amazing waterpark right outside the hotel door which was free to use because we were all inclusive. The food and drinks inside the waterpark were also free as well which was amazing. There was only a handful of slides but they were so fun and adrenaline rushing! 

The only downside was the water in the waterpark was salt water because it's cheaper for them to clean so it stings and tastes vile when it goes in your mouth!!

The hotel pool was a lot better because it was chlorine so it wasn't so harsh on your skin or eyes and didn't taste vile when it went in your mouth. Although it was smaller and quiet cold it was quiet refreshing to go in for a dip or to just lounge around by. Plus there was an all inclusive pool bar so you can't complain.

I didn't get any photos of the hotel itself which is annoying thinking about it now because it was so lovely. The room we stayed in was so spacious and modern. The bed we had was amazing size, although it was two beds pushed to together to make a double it seemed a lot bigger than a double bed which I loved because I can spread out haha! 

That's all I'm going to post about this holiday otherwise I feel like I'll ramble for months but the hotel was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone, there's something for everything to get involved with! Thanks for reading!


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