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So recently I've been spending too much on random stuff and telling myself 'it's for my holiday' when realistically I just have a problem and need to be stopped. But I thought I'd share with you some of what I've collected over the past week or so.

Working in a shop right next to Superdrug is such a bad thing for my bank account because I'm constantly looking around in there on my lunch break buying stuff I don't need. On this lunch break I only picked up three things which is acceptable I think and they had a 2 for £5 offer on all Barry M Gelly Hi Shine nail polish so obviously I had to get some. The shades I bought were Prickly Pear and Rose Hip. Whilst I was there I also picked up the L'Oreal Paris 24hr Infallible Foundation in the shade Vanilla. I already have the matte style of this foundation so I thought I'd give this one a try too!

Had to include this photo because I am in love with this colour ( Prickly Pear ), it's so so cute!
The next two things I picked up were these hair products from L'Oreal. I had already purchased the Luminiser shampoo and conditioner set a few backs and I really wanted to try out the gloss spray so I had to pick it up, It was also on offer so I defiantly had to get it, I'm super excited to see what it does to my hair and to see if it leaves me with any added shine!

The other L'Oreal product that I picked up was this Hot and Straight heat protection spray. I grabbed this whilst I was having a browse around Savers because it was like £1.99 so I thought why not. I also got this to take on holiday with me because I know I'm going to end up blow drying my hair before we go out and I don't want to make any more damage to my hair.

Soltan Protect & Tan SPF 15

Boots were having an offer of 'Buy one get one half price' on all their travel bits so I grabbed these two Soltan products because I'm off to Gran Canaria soon and will need all the protection I can get. I got this protect and tan spray because I want to be protected from the sun to make sure I don't get burnt but I also want to come home a better colour than what I left. So I thought this product would work perfectly!

Soltan Moisturising Aftersun

For the half price offer I also picked up the aftersun spray from the same range because my skin becomes so dry after being out in the sun for too long so I needed something to help restore the moisture I will lose. I also wanted aftersun because applying it at night when your skin is all hot and bothered is literally the best thing ever! It's such a refreshing feeling and cools my skin right down.

I also picked up this L'Oreal leave in conditioner cream. I saw this randomly on the side of an aisle and then I couldn't find anymore of it anywhere so I just had to get this one, but I thought this cream would also be good for taking on holiday and just leaving in at the ends of my hair so they don't become all dry and horrible and start snapping off. I think this was like £2.99 or something like that, it was really cheap so why the hell not.

Peaches & Clean Deep Cleansing Milk

It's unreal how long I've been eyeing up this cleanser for, honestly I've wanted it for so long but just never got round to picking it up but I went in town with my boyfriend to get the last little bits for our holiday and finally caved and bought it and now I'm so glad I did. I've used it a few times so far and it's so good, it removes my make up so quickly and isn't too harsh around my eye area either which is a bonus. You can also use it on a dry face or wet face depending on what you prefer but both ways work just as good!

Next stop was River Island, I saw this jumper when I went on holiday to Centre Parcs and was like 'need need need' so when I came home I had a look in the River Island store on my way to work and they only had 1 left so I HAD to get it I mean c'mon it was basically fate. I love this jumper and feel like I'm going to end up living in it and having no regrets.

Last stop was Primark. As always I spend my life inside that shop working or not I'm always on the browse for the new lines. I always end up spending so much in Primark it's becoming a problem but never mind. The first thing I picked up was a Cold Shoulder blouse. They had it in so many patterns and styles but I went for the safe option and got the plain white one. It's such a simple blouse but it's super cute and would look cute paired with jeans or even shorts so win, win!

Summertime Goals Vest

This top is so cute and easy to throw on, I couldn't say no. It's super light and flowy which is what I love when it comes to summer tops, I can't stand wearing anything that sticks to me. I just love the little print on it, it just makes the gloomy British days a little better.

First thing I picked up was this white travel pillow. I needed one because I'm going on holiday soon and don't want to end up with neck cramp all the way there. This one was super soft too so happy days. The next thing I picked up was this white flowy cami. I grabbed this to take on holiday so I can just throw it over my bikini or tuck into some shorts or something. It's super light weight so it won't stick to me or make me even hotter. I also picked up these striped flip flops, these were only 90p! These are perfect for walking to and from the pool / beach area and are super easy to just throw on for breakfast ect so that is why I grabbed those. The last thing I picked up was these grey mesh insert shorts, I bought these to wear at night because I don't have any light weight pyjamas, mine are all full leg length ones or onsies. oops. These are super stretchy and thin material so they will perfect for keeping me cool.


That was everything I have managed to collect over the past few weeks, I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading!

Courtney x

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