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You know when you read a book and then fall in love with the story line and THEN they make a film about the said book and you feel like your whole life has been made and you can die happy? Yeah me too, although maybe not so much this time.


From book to movie. So originally I wanted to watch the film first when it came out in the cinema purely because Cara was the main star and I mean c'mon 😻 I looooooove her, BUT I never got round to watching it in cinema as they didn't keep it running for that long so I kind of just blew it off after that. But then my holiday started approaching and I wanted a book to take on the plane with me to read so I thought I'd buy this book and then if the story line was good I'd then go and watch the film. 

So turns out I read like ten pages of the book on the plane purely because I couldn't concentrate but I ended up reading it every single night in bed and became obsessed with the story line. I found myself never wanting to put the book down which is something I love when reading a book. I love having the feeling that I want to carry on reading more and more of the story just to see what happens.

For anyone who doesn't know the story line i will try and explain it as quick and shortly as i can but I'm not that great but basically a boy ( Quentin ) has been in love with his neighbour for years ( margo ) as they were basically best friends when they were kids but as time goes on their friendship drifts but he is still as in love with her as always. Fast forward to a night where she appears in his bedroom window explaining that she has nine tasks that she wants to complete before the end of the night and needs Quentin to tag along. Bearing in mind these 'tasks' aren't exactly the safest or smartest of tasks, they're more revenge tasks than basic tasks. Which in my opinion adds more excitement to the storyline. Anyhow they complete the tasks and then the next day she disappears off the face of the earth and leaves behind 'clues' for Quentin to find so he can work out where she's gone. Sooooo as he finds the clues the story unravels but I won't spoil the ending so you'll have to watch or read it yourself!! 

Fast forward to watching the movie. Disappointed is the first word that comes to mind. Although the film itself is still a good film, after reading the book I was expecting more from it. First of in the book the nine tasks Margo has to complete every single task is mentioned in the book in detail however in the film only a few are mentioned which was SO annoying because some of them were so good. Next thing that was annoying was the 'road trip' Quentin and his group of friends go on wasn't as detailed in the film than what it was in the book. In the book they go on a road trip to find margo the night after prom but in the film they go before prom which is annoying because it twists the story line a little. There's a lot of little things that are different in the book than the movie but I feel like the more I tell you, I might as well just tell you the whole story.

All in all I would reccomend the book over the film purely because of the added detail but the film is still worth a watch!! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading! 

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