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If you're lazy like me and like to spend the littlest of time removing your make up or if you sometimes you cannot be bothered to do anything but refuse to leave your make up on then this little routine is perfect for you!

As you can see there's three products that I use. THREE. I used to have a massive list of products that I'd use to remove my make up and it used to take me ages but now I'm just like nope! So on days where I just want to remove my make up and not worry about exfoliating or having a deep deep cleanse then this is what I'll use.

To remove my eye make up I just a apply a small amount of this make up remover onto a little cotton pad and just rub in circular motions around my eyes. I found this product in Wilkinsons and it was 95p!!! It's actually amazing and for the price I think I'm actually in love. It removes my eye make up so easily and quickly without being too harsh on my eyes. I have a tendency for my eyes to go bright red and bloodshot all the time if my eyes don't agree with the littlest of things but this is fine. Also a little bit goes a long way so the product will last a long time.

Now this is a recent discovery of mine but I'm in love with it! First of it smells like yoghurt which I love. It's called 'Peaches and Clean' but I think it smells more like apricots but anyways it smells amazing. I just put a few small pumps of this into my hand and rub my hands together and then just apply it all over my face in circular motions making sure it covers all my face where my make up was. To remove it I get a dry cotton pad and just wipe away the cleanser, it removes the cleanser and make up at the same time and isn't too harsh on my skin. I do this until all the product is off and if I feel like my skin needs it I'll repeat the cleanser but most of the time all my make up comes off the first time round so there's no need. This leaves my skin feeling super soft and smells amazing. 

Finally I just apply a small layer of this Nivea Face, Body and Hand moisturiser all over my face to make sure my skin is left hydrated and super soft after removing all my make up. This moisturiser works a treat and is honestly my holy grail I use it constantly!

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading!

Courtney x

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