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It feels like I haven't posted in ages, so I thought I'd do a quick little post mentioning the products I've used today!

Freedom Pro Studio Oil Control Base

If you have oily skin or you struggle wearing glowy foundations then honestly this is the bas for you! I could only ever survive with wearing matte foundations because I always get an oily t-zone, but after wearing this I can wear literally any foundation I want to. I don't even know how it does it but I am oil free all day it's amazing!!

L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24Hr Foundation

For foundation I've been using this L'Oreal Infallible foundation recently and I love it! When I first bought it I struggled wearing it for long periods of time because of how oily my t-zone got so I always went back to the matte version but now I have the oil control base, I've been loving this foundation! It's super good coverage and leaves me with such a nice glow. It also isn't too heavy on my skin either which I love.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

To cover and brighten up my under eyes I've used my trusty Collection concealer. I use this everyday without fail. It's the only concealer that I've found doesn't crease crazily under my eyes whereas most concealers I've used tend to. It's also super high coverage for such a cheap concealer. I think this could probably be the best drugstore concealer there is. It's also really good at hiding blemishes / spots too.

Maybelline Matte Maker

This powder is so white and brightening that it's perfect for setting my under eye concealer. I just dab my Real Techniques sponge into this product then pat it under my eyes to set everything. This powder is so light weight I can't even feel it on my face and it leaves me looking super awake!

Ps Cream Contour Kit

I picked this contour kit up the other weekend because I'd seen someone mention it in a youtube video and I was really eager to see if it actually works. I picked a cream one because I always lean toward the powder products so I thought I'd try something different. It's actually a really pigmented product however, once it's blended in, it doesn't leave that much of an effect. However, I feel like you could layer it and it wouldn't look or cakey or too much because it's a really light product. The colour variations of the three shades is really good and I feel like there's a colour for everyone!

Miss Sporty Insta-glow Bronzer

I've used this bronzer for so long and I love it! It gives such a cute and glowy effect on the skin once it's applied and doesn't leave you looking orange which is always a bonus I guess. For such a cheap product I wasn't expected it too be overly pigmented but it's honestly gorgeous! For £2.99 I would recommend everyone to go out and try it!

Maybelline Lash Sensational

I have a love-hate relationship with this mascara and it's so annoying because I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't love it. At first I loved the product but hated the brush but now it's flipped and I love the brush and I'm not so keen on the product. It just doesn't really do much for my eyelashes. It doesn't really hold my curl they just kind of drop throughout the day, however it does add a bit of length to my lashes which is a plus. I really like the brush, because of it's shape it's super easy to get all the lashes and perfect for the bottom ones too!

Freedom Pro Fixing Spray

To set everything into place I just spray this all over my face and then let it set. It dries natural so you can't see it on your face and it doesn't leave any streaking over your make up which is perfect. I didn't have high hopes for this as it was so cheap but it keeps my make up in place all day so I can't complain!

That's everything I have on my face today,  I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading!!

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July? Its July already! Where the hell has the year gone, it's going quick! Throughout June I went on holiday to Gran Canaria so I didn't get as much time at home to try out new things but I've managed to pull together a couple of things I've been loving this month so yeah! 

I had been eyeing up this cleanser for so long so I finally grabbed it before I went on holiday and I'm so glad I did! First of it smells amazing! The smell of it reminds me of a yoghurt which I'm not sure if it's supposed to but I love it and I can also smell a subtle hint of mint or tea tree as well once I've applied it which I also love. It removes my make up so easily and quickly, you can apply it to a dry face to remove make up or to a wet face to wash any excess dirt within your skin! All in all its a great product and would recommend you all try! 


I bought this cleaner ages ago, like months ago, I used it a couple of times and then just forgot about it until a few weeks ago when I picked it up again. I've been using this between deep cleans of my brushes so not so much product gets stuck in the brushes. It's got antiseptic inside it so it gets rid of any dirt that would get passed onto my face causing me to have a breakout. I spray a couple of sprays straight onto my brush and then just do circular motions onto a clean towel to remove the make up. It says to wipe the brush on tissue but the tissue just rips when I used it so I've been using a towel and it works fine! For £5 it's a really good product!

Miss Sporty Instaglow Bronzer 

After I came back off holiday my face was so pale compared to the rest of my body because I constantly put face cream on because I didn't want to burn that I needed to start wearing my bronzer a lot more! I've had this bronzer a while and I'd always use it every now and then but recently it's all I've been reaching for everyday! I love this bronzer because it has little specks of shimmer in it so when its applied it gives you such a healthy sun kissed glow and gives a lot of colour to my face! For £2.99 no one complain about the pigmentation, it's gorgeous ! 

Paper Towns 

I mentioned this book in a previous post because I took it on holiday with me to read on the plane. I didn't even read it on the plane because I couldn't concentrate properly so I ended up reading it every night in bed in the hotel room. I finished it before our holiday ended and I was so lost after because I just wanted to keep reading and reading. The story line is so gripping and exciting that you honestly never want to stop reading. There's also a little bit of sarcasm and humour throughout the story line which I love. I don't want to ramble too much as I already have a post about the book but you should all go and read it if you haven't !! 

Primark Sunglasses

I've mentioned this sunglasses in another post too but I absolutely love them! They block out the sun so well because of how tinted the lenses are and the style of them is super super cute! I wore these everyday on holiday I didn't even wear my other pair that I took with me which is a shame but I just loved these! They go with any outfit and look super cute on, love love love! 

That's everything I've been loving throughout the month on June, I hope you enjoyed this post let me know what you've been loving this month! Thanks for reading!