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Ever watch a Youtube video and then 10 minutes later find yourself on your laptop buying 90% of the products that were used throughout the video? That's exactly what happened here. I spent my night watching Emily Canham's video where she tried w7 products for the first time and after watching that I was so interested to see if the products actually worked so obviously I had to get some bits and I'm going to share them with you so enjoy!

The first two things I bought from the w7 range was actually before I'd watched Emily's video. I read on someone's blog that they swear by these primers so I looked them up on Amazon and managed to find both of them from the same seller. The first one I found was the W7 Porefection Pore Minimizer primer and then the second one was the W7 Prime Magic Face Primer. I think these were around the £2/3 mark they were super super cheap that's why I grabbed both. Honestly I didn't find these primers great I'd still reach for my Nivea Men Shaving Balm over these two. I just feel like neither of them made much difference to my skin or to my appearance.

I bought these purely because it said it contained tea tree so I sold on that. However after reading the reviews on this product I was even more eager to try it out to see if it was actually worth it. I paid £1.27 for this concealer so it was literally a steal, and to be honest, for that price I really wasn't expecting much. When it arrived the condition of it was perfect, it was sealed so I knew that it was a brand new one, however I used it once then put it away then when I went back to use it the next time the stick had actually broken so now I can't wind it up or down or the whole thing will just fall out which is sooo annoying!! However the product itself is beautiful! It's super creamy and really easy to blend and apply to literally wherever you want. It's not that brightening I found so I did have to add a bit of my Collection concealer on top just to make sure the dark circles where fully covered. The smell of tea tree is gorgeous though! I would recommend trying it out.

I'm forever seeing people rave about how good banana shaded powder is and how amazing it leaves your skin however I think I may be the only person who isn't actually that keen on it which is annoying because I was hoping I was going to love it and then be able to use it all the time. I just find it leaves my skin especially my undereyes looking so so yellow which it's obviously going to do because of the colour but I just didn't like how it looked. I applied it with a brush lightly the first time and that was ok but still slightly yellow and then the next time I applied with my beauty blender and the yellow tone was worse. It's a really light weight powder though which is great because it doesn't feel heavy or look cakey which is a plus. I'm just the annoying one who doesn't like the colour. 

I got this purely because Emily mentioned that it's a really good dupe for the Benefit Hula Bronzer I think was the comparison so of course I had to grab this. I haven't yet tried this but I'm super excited to see the outcome of what it looks like on the skin. I did run the brush that comes with it over the top of the powder but the brush seemed to pick next to nothing up so I'll have to have a proper test of it using another brush! It looks really dark in the packaging which is a bit worrying as I'm the palest person to walk the earth so I'm not too sure how that's going to work out but we'll give it a go!

This little duo reminds me so much of the Makeup Revolution contour trio because of the colour of the bronzer and highlight. The highlight is what caught my eye the most in this duo so I'm super excited to see how that turns out. I only received this in the post today so I'm yet to see how good it works but I did run my fingers over the powders and they seem really pigmented so I hope they are good!!

That's everything I grabbed on my little W7 splurge, I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what your favourite W7 products are!! Thanks for reading!

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Lord knows I am the worst when it comes to nails and the patience I have for waiting for them to dry but I never like leaving them unpainted so when I attempt to do them it's literally the most basic design or colour ever. However, today I thought I'd share my nails with you and what polish I used!

This is the easiest design but I think it looks so so cute! Originally I only painted my nails with the Barry M Rose Hip nail polish but I thought it'd looked a bit plain and boring so I thought I'd add some colour. I was going to pain the nail on my fourth finger a brighter colour but I changed my mind and went for polka dots. For the polka dots I used a matte finish polish from Primark. I don't know the exact name of the polish but I think it's mint. It's a really pale green colour and it's so cute! To make the polka dots I just dipped the end of a cotton bud into the polish and then on my nail and it worked perfectly!

That's all for this post, I hoped you enjoyed it, thanks for reading!