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Lord knows I am the worst when it comes to nails and the patience I have for waiting for them to dry but I never like leaving them unpainted so when I attempt to do them it's literally the most basic design or colour ever. However, today I thought I'd share my nails with you and what polish I used!

This is the easiest design but I think it looks so so cute! Originally I only painted my nails with the Barry M Rose Hip nail polish but I thought it'd looked a bit plain and boring so I thought I'd add some colour. I was going to pain the nail on my fourth finger a brighter colour but I changed my mind and went for polka dots. For the polka dots I used a matte finish polish from Primark. I don't know the exact name of the polish but I think it's mint. It's a really pale green colour and it's so cute! To make the polka dots I just dipped the end of a cotton bud into the polish and then on my nail and it worked perfectly!

That's all for this post, I hoped you enjoyed it, thanks for reading!

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