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So for Halloween this year I defiently didn't go down the scary route, I went for something cute and sparkly with a touch of blood. That makes it scary right??

Anyways, this year for Halloween I decided to dress up as a unicorn and go all out for make up. I didn't get round to taking photos of my make up the night of the Halloween party so I thought I'd recreate the look for you guys to show you. Bearing in mind on the night I had Halloween contact lenses in my eyes to make it 'scarier' and I also added eyelashes which I didn't have in these photos!

So for the first part of my eye look I took this bright pink eyeshadow from Kiko and applied it to the inner third of my eye. This eyeshadow is super pigmented even with one swatch however I wanted it to be super bright so I made sure I packed a lot on!

For the second part I went into my Laroc palette and mixed all three purple shades together and applied this to the centre of my eye. I liked that one of the purple shades I used had specks of glitter running through it so when my eyes caught the light they were shimmering and not all matte. To add to the unicorn effect of course.

Next up I went into the darkest blue shade in my Laroc palette and added this to outer third of my eye and dragged up past my temples and forehead. I packed this on quite generously as I wanted to make sure it was super covered and didn't have much of my skin showing through. Once I blended it up to where I liked it I thought my face looked a little too mate, so on top of the blue I went in with a blue shimmer eyeshadow from Poundland and patted that all over. For £1 the shimmer and glow that eyeshadow gives off is amazing!! I actually did debate using it as a highlighter.

Once I'd blended all the blue out I then went and used the Collection crystal gem glitter eyeliner to create a basic winged liner. I got this eyeliner in the shade hustle and it suited this look so so well! It's a blue undertoned glitter gel that had multi coloured specks throughout it. This eyeliner was amazing and super easy to apply and create a wing!

To finish off the look I went in with some fixing gel and added tiny little silver stars around my eye area and also added some loose pigment silver glitter. I felt that by adding the extra glitter and stars on top it really pulled the look together and gave it that unicorn glow. Obviously on the night I created this look on both eyes and added false eyelashes to finish off the look. This look was super easy to create but I got so many compliments throughout the night!


A few photos from the Halloween party with my outfit all together and hair finished.

Let me know what you dressed up as for Halloween and let me see your looks!! I'd love to see them. That's all for this post thanks for reading!


  1. OMG! You are so talented, good job girl!! x