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Working in town means only two things will happen on my lunch break, I'll either go and eat fatty fast food because it's the easiest choice of food or I'll go and spend my whole life savings in superdrug or boots on make up and skin care. Clearly I went for the second option. I've accumulated a few things over the past week or so, so I thought I'd share them with you.

Loreal Clay Masks

These clay masks are on offer at the moment in Boots for £5 so I went and had a little browse. At first the Detox mask was the one I was most interested in as it claims to have charcoal added in the mask which acts as a magnet to remove all dirt from your face. However, I did pick up the Purity mask too as it claimed to help mattify the face. My t-zone can get quite oily sometimes so I picked this mask up too to try it out. I used these two masks and I love them both! The detox one is amazing, you can see the dirt being pulled out of your face, especially around your nose area. It's so gross but so satisfying to look at. I love the purity mask too, when it's drying on your face it goes so so hard you honestly can't move your face, which in a way I really like because I feel like it's helping my skin to become tighter and help fight against fine lines and wrinkles. It also leaves my skin feeling super soft afterwards too! After loving those two masks, I went back to Boots and got the Glow mask. This mask I'm a little bit hit and miss with. The smell for starters has an almost cinnamon scent to it which personally I'm not a massive fan of and when it's on my face it feels almost hot, but I'm not sure if that's what's supposed to happen or my face just doesn't agree with it. However once I washed it off my face felt super super smooth from being exfoliated and my skin did seem a little more glowing afterwards on the tops of my cheeks. So all in all, they're all really good but the detox is defo my favourite!

These finishing powders are a new product from the Freedom range as they're not yet online from the Superdrug site, however they're in stores and they're £5 each! These are loose powders which I love as you can apply a little bit or a lot depending on what you look you want to go for. I got the translucent shade and the banana shade. I'm yet to try the banana shade out but I use the translucent powder for setting my face make up and I love it. It's super light weight and doesn't leave my face cakey or like I'm wearing too much! I'm super excited for the banana shade!

Lord knows my brows are far from the best however when they've been threaded they have a shape they're just really thin as for some reason my brows just wont grow thicker. So I thought I'd buy this pomade to try and give my brows a go, I'm no make up artist when it comes to down to doing my eyebrows so I feel like it's going to take a bit of practice to get them right. I've only swatched the pomade on the back of my hand and it seems super creamy and easy to apply so I'm excited to see how this makes my brows look.

Just recently I've been loving looking at eyeshadow palettes and when I was on my little superdrug browse this little palette caught my eye. This palette has the CUTEST shades in it and I just couldn't resist. I'm obsessed with the gold shades in this palettes, they're super pigmented and apply like a dream. This palette has a colour for everyone and can be used a day time palette or a night time palette so it's perfect for everyone! For £4 no one can complain.

Halloweens just around the corner and for the look I'm going as I need the most glowing skin anyone has seen and I've heard amazing reviews about these MUA highlighters so I thought I'd pick this one up and see what it has to offer. I did swatch it on the back of my hand and it looked super cute, however the powder itself seems pretty hard to pick up on a fan brush because of the patterns across it. Although it does pick up a lot on a different brush and looks super cute on the back of my hand. I'm excited to see what it looks like on my face!

Like I said halloweens around the corner, so I'm going all out for glowing skin and glitter. I was originally looking for a silver glitter eyeliner but then I saw this colour and was in love! It has a subtle blue tint to it with multi colour sparkles throughout it and I just love it. It has a super thin brush which will make it super easy to apply and get an accurate line. I'm super excited to use this!

This last purchase was till point splurge. I love the Barry M nail polishes and as we're now in autumn what better time to start wearing dark colours? This shade is so so pretty, it's not too dark where it's almost black it has a slight purple undertone which I love! I think this colour may be my new go-to Autumn shade!

That's everything I've grabbed lately, it's a long post so if you're still here, well done!! I hope you liked this post, thank you for reading!


  1. Such a great little haul! I'm Australian and have visited the UK a few times and every time I visit I always make the most of the drugstore brands we don't have here like Freedom and MUA. The MUA palettes are SO good aren't they?! For such a cheap price they are such good quality. Thanks for sharing your haul! Just discovered your blog and am loving it :) Holly x https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/chronicles-holly-13610625

    1. thank you so much! Yeah we do have some great drugstore brands here in the U.K, the quality of some of them is almost comparable to the high end brands too! Thank you so much, hope you have a lovely day! Xx

  2. Hey Courtney, loving those L'Oreal masks! My fav is the Glow one! :) Great post! xox Shaz


    1. Hiya! Oh I'm glad you're loving them just as much as me! I'm loving the detox the most, hopefully I can warm to the glow one a little bit more!! Thank you :-)

      Courtney x

  3. I've heard so much about the L'Oreal masks, the Detox one sounds amazing! Not too sure about the glow one, but the results sound good! x


    1. I love the detox mask!! When it starts to dry you can start to see the dirt and gunk being pulled from your face, it's so gross but so amazing to know it's working! I'm not too keen on the glow mask although it does leave my skin super soft after, so it's a love / hate one haha! X