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I haven't posted a blog post in so long but I'm trying to get back into the swing of posting more often so I thought I'd quickly share with you the things I've splurged on lately.

The first thing I bought was this L'Oréal foundation after seeing Emily Canham speak about it in one of her videos. It's more on the pricey side of the drugstore foundations but personally I think it's worth it. It's a very light foundation and leaves your skin glowing. I apply it with a damp beauty blender and it gives me just enough coverage for everday use however it is a buildable foundation so if you wanted more coverage you would be able to achieve this.

Kylie Jenner Lipkit - Koko K

After watching numerous youtube videos on Kylie's lipkits, the majority of people recommended purchasing the dupes from Aliexpress as they're exactly the same. So I did just that. Bearing in mind this took soooo long to arrive that I actually forgot I'd ordered it, when it did arrive I was so excited. The packaging and everything included was in perfect condition. The lip liner included is super smooth and easy to apply as well as the liquid lipstick. The only thing I don't like is how dry it leaves my lips after wearing and how hard it is to remove. Other than that I love it and the colour is super cute!

Halloween's approaching and I needed some eyeshadow palettes' that have a variety of different colours so I had the option to mix it up if I needed to. These aren't the originals but these are SO similar to the originals you can't even tell, they even smell the same! The pigment is just as good and I'm so happy with these purchases. I used the Bon Bon palette today and the look was so cute! I would definetly recommend if you're after these palettes but don't want to pay the full price.

Make Up Gallery - Poundland

So like I said, Halloween is coming up and I need all the make up I can find, ( I'm using Halloween as an excuse just to buy make up ) but anyways! I'm planning to go as a unicorn for Halloween so I need all the light and shimmering make up and believe it or not, poundland make up is actually amazing. I got two of these eyeshadow sticks in a white and a pinky colour and MY GOD, the colour of the white one is amazing!! I think I'm just going to use it as a highlighter, it's honestly amazing!! I also picked up an eyeshadow in the shade ocean blue thinking it would be good for the look i'm doing for Halloween and again this one is amazing too!! I'm thinking I could use this a highlighter too or maybe along my collar bones for Halloween, for a pound I'm in love!!

That's everything I've grabbed lately, I hope you liked this post!! thanks for reading!


  1. I'm yet to try any of the Kylie lipkits but I do really want to get Koko sometime soon as it looks the most wearable. Really want to try the Chocolate bar palette as well but I may just do what you did and get it from aliexpress seeing as it's so similar. Another great blog post! Holly x

    1. I love my koko k lipkit it's so pretty! I'd definitely recommend going for the cheaper option if you don't want to spend all that money on the real ones! The too faced palettes are also on amazon / eBay if you want to check them out! Thank you again :-) xx