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Just recently I've been going crazy mad about perfecting my skin care routine and now I think I've finally mastered it. I used to be super lazy when it came to sorting out my skin but now I think I've got it down to a t!

The first thing I do is remove my make up from that day using the Simple Micellar Water on a cotton pad and just simply wipe it all over my face. This removes make up so easily but doesn't leave my face feeling greasy or oily. The next thing I do is cleanse my face using Peaches & Clean Soap & Glory Deep Cleansing Milk. I apply this on a dry face then wash it off using a wet cloth, then I apply it again on a wet face and then wash it off again. Every few days or so I like to apply a face mask to make sure my face is totally clean. The ones I've been loving recently are the Loreal Clay Masks. Each one of these masks leaves my skin feeling amazing. I've been loving the detox one the most at the minute purely because I can see the dirt being pulled out from my face. However, the 'red' one is amazing at exfoliating and removing all the dead skin cells. 

After patting my face dry I then apply a toner all over my face just to make sure all my pores are clean and closed. The toner I've been using atm is a sample size bottle of the Tea Tree Toner from the bodyshop. I love using tea tree products because I feel like they really deep clean my skin. 

After applying my toner, I then go and apply my Balance Snake Venom Eye Cream. The snake venom makes this product sound so unappealing but after reading the reviews I just went for it. I apply this both in the morning and in the night. I can't really see much of a difference to my eyes but it does leave my under eye feeling fresh. Finally in my skin care routine, I apply a night cream moisturiser to make sure my face keeps hydrated throughout the night and is left soft in the morning. The night cream I've been using at the moment is this Nivea Night Cream. This is a super light weight moisturiser but leaves my skin feeling amazing.

That's everything for this post, I hope you enjoyed this blog post, let me know what products you use in your skin care routine! Thanks for reading!

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