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I'm not one for bath's usually but today the weather was just a massive no, it was freezing so all I needed was a long hot bath and what better way to enjoy it than with a bath bomb?

I originally went in the Lush store hoping to grab some last minute halloween products but got way too distracted by the christmas ones. I'm no bath bomb expert so I don't really know what the best ones are or which ones would benefit me the most so I just went for the cute looking one. I was originally going to get the snowman bath bomb but I much preferred the smell of this one. 
Father Christmas Lush LTD bath bomb

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how cute this little fella is!! Look at his little face. When I spotted this one, I just knew I had to get it and the smell was to die for!

             "A festive bomb to bring Santa's presence into the bath. 
Once you pop this jolly bomb in your bath, 
you’ll be able to soak away the hours in sweet waters 
as the blushing red of Santa's cheeks fizz away to reveal a vivid, 
holly green center. 
All we want for Christmas is this Santa, baby!"

At first I was a little disappointed when I first put this into the bath, it didn't really seem to much other than start to dissolve but then it started to fizz around the bath and all these bright colours started shooting around the bath. At first it started off with a mixture of red and white bubbles fizzing around, but as the bomb started to dissolve more and more, the inside of the bomb was a bright green colour which definitely screamed christmas when mixed with the red. This green was so bright and the fizzing started more and more. The bomb stayed green until all of it was dissolved.

Bath water after the bomb explodes

The smell of this bomb was so so nice, it was such a sweet and comforting smell. It was really strong too, to the point my mum called smell it drifting down the hallway. It's been about an hour since getting out the bath and I can still smell the scent on myself. I love this smell and want to bathe in it for ever.

If anyone is interested in grabbing this cute little bomb for yourselves, you can grab it here

That's all for this post, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I loved laying in the bath with it. Thanks for reading!


  1. Red and green are such festive colours! This bath bomb is really festive! x


    1. It's super cute and smells so so good! X