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Hi lovelies! 

It feels like I've neglected my blog a bit lately because I haven't posted in what seems like forever! I'm blaming it on the fact I'm working in retail over the christmas period so it's just crazy and when I get home I just want to curl up in bed and never leave.

Nevertheless, I've got a few bits that I've been loving recently so I thought I'd share them with you.

(Left to Right) The Burgundy Palette, New Look Refresh & Prep spray, Aussie 3 Minute Miracle,
MUA Undressed Palette

Kylie Jenner - The Burgundy Palette / MUA Undressed Palette

Prep Skin Energising Spray 

I don't actually know what this is really supposed to do, I kind of just picked this up on a wing. I always watch tutorials and notice people spray a mist over their face before they do anything so I thought I'd just give it a whirl. I can't say that it does anything to my face appearance wise but spraying this on my face first thing in the morning before doing my make up is certainly refreshing. It's a cool and light mist which just sits on your face then soaks leaving you refreshed which is always nice I guess. 

Lord knows dry hair has been a struggle of mine ever since I decided going blonde was a good idea. Don't get me wrong blonde hair is gorgeous but it's a nightmare to keep healthy looking. After doing an ombré on my hair the ends of my hair felt so brittle and dry that I thought the only option was to just cut all my hair off and start again. ( Thankfull I didn't do that ) because I came along this little fella. I think the first sentence on the back says something along the lines of 'dry hair? can I cut my hair off' or something along the lines of cutting my hair off and that literally screamed at me so I had to try it. I did buy the whole set, so shampoo, conditioner and this deep conditioner but I can honestly say it has made my hair a lot more softer and I get a lot of people say it looks shinier too which is a bonus. I didn't really notice much difference because I usually wear my hair up in a bun so my ends get tucked away but when I have my hair down and straight I always get compliments saying my hair looks so smooth and shiny. So thanks for saving me Aussie.

I think I've mentioned this palette in a post before but I still love this palette. I think it's the price that makes me love it even more, it's so so cheap but it's such a good palette that I would highly recommend it to anyone. It has a good mixture of mattes and shimmer so you can use it for a simple everyday look or glam it up with some shimmer for night time use too. For someone who has zero skill in make up and especially eye make up, this palette makes it super easy to experiment and play around with. It's super blendable and what better way to experiement with make up than with a super affordable palette but with all the pigment?

Kylie Jenner The Burgundy Palette

Now it's thought to believe that the palette I own isn't the original ones as I bought this from a lady I know that bulk buys products from a distributor then sells them on herself. However she always say she tries her hardest to get the genuine ones but if some are dupes the quality will still be just as good. I know a lot of people moan about dupes and how they could be danagerous but she makes sure these are all tested before she sells them on to anyone so I knew that they were safe for me to use either way. But nonetheless, I freaking LOVE this palette. I've had it about three weeks now and I haven't used another palette since I've had this one I don't think. The pigment of every shade in this palette is amazing, even the shimmery metallic shades are super pigmented and they're so creamy. I swatched them the day I bought it and I honestly could've cried it was that beautiful. Genuine or not, this palette is freaking amazing and I can't wait to try more!!

That's everything for this post, sorry about the delay in recent posts but I'm hoping to make some more very soon because I love posting! Let me know what you've been loving this month! Thanks for reading!!

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