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What I use and recommendations 

I had an idea for this blog post where I would share what products I use on a daily basis to create my everyday look and then for you guys to share what products you use or would recommend. I thought this would be a good idea so you guys can read about what products I use and also a good idea so we can share together what products are being recommended so we can check out new products and see what others have been loving. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy this post!

What I use and recommendations.

I don't religiously use a primer for my make up because I'm yet to find out that actually saves my make up. I have combination skin, so my face is normal but my t-zone gets oily throughout the day. So for foundation I switch between the Maybelline Matte & Poreless foundation and the L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24TH foundation. I love the Matte & Poreless foundation because it's lightweight and gives me the coverage I like for an everyday face, however I LOVE the L'Oreal Infallible foundation because I feel like it's a little bit thicker than the Maybelline foundation which keeps my oiliness at bay a little longer and the coverage pays off a little more. However, I don't like to use the L'Oreal foundation for an everyday look. 

For concealer, I switch between two of these as well. I love the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer but I do also love the Maybelline Eye Eraser Concealer. I feel like the Collection concealer is a staple in everyone's makeup collection and rightfully so! I do feel like the Maybelline concealer gives off a little more coverage when it comes to covering up my under eye circles.

For powder, as you can see I'm in desperate need of a new one because there's next to nothing left in the pan. I've use the Primed & Ready powder for god knows how long and I can't fault it. The only problem I do have is that it breaks so easily so I feel like when it breaks you lose 50% of the product unless you're one of those people who knows how to fix broken powders and can save it. 

I've only recently started filling my brows in because I got them threaded and I hated the shape the lady done them in so I resulted to filling them in. I use the Freedom Brow Pomade to fill my brows in and it's the easiest thing ever to use. I'm literally useless when it comes to brows but this honestly makes it the simplest job! 

What I use and recommendations

A bronzer that I've used for near on a year, which has also seen better days is the Tanya Burr Beautifully Defined Palette. I'm soooo super pale so trying to find a bronzer that isn't too orange for me or too dark is near on impossible however, I love this one and need endless amounts of it because it's nearly all gone and I don't quite know what I'm going to do with myself.

For mascaras I don't really switch between two I just swap the brushes over. Which some people think is gross but hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I love the Maybelline Falsies Push Up Angel mascara however I hate the brush. Whereas the Maybelline Lash Sensational brush is my favourite brush everrrrrr! I love the fact that it's a curled brush so you can get right into the corners of your lashes.

Last but not least, is highlighter! I mix and match my highlight everyday depending on how I'm feeling. If I want a subtle highlight I'll use the highlight shade from the Tanya Burr palette because it's super cute but subtle as well. If I want a more glowy highlight I'll use my Sleek Solstice Palette with the lightest shade and gold mixed together. If it's a night out or special occasion and I want full glam highlight I'll whack out the Jeffree Star Ice Cold skin frost highlight because that is blindinggggg!

So yeah that's everything I use to create my face for an everyday look, be sure to let me know what you guys use or would recommend I try out. I'd love to know!

Thanks for reading,

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What's in my beauty box? | courtneyleighblogs

What's in my beauty box?

So I'm in the process of redecorating my room, so all my makeup and beauty products have been vacated to the bathroom and one of the boxes I completely forgot about was this little hamper box, so I thought I'd share what's inside with you.

What's in my beauty box?

Argan Oil Shampoo - £1
Argan Oil Conditioner - £1
Dirty Works Micellar Water - £4
Skin Therapy Eye Makeup Remover - £1
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash - £2.66

Sienna X Tan / Rimmel Sun Shimmer Self Tan Mousse

Sienna x High Intensity Tan
Rimmel Sun Shimmer Self Tan Mousse - £7.99

What's in my beauty box - hair care

L'Oreal Lasting Moisture Leave-In Creme - £5.68
H&M Sea Salt Spray - £6.99
Toni & Guy Leave In Conditioner - £5.15

The Bodyshop Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser - £6

What's in my beauty box?

Swizzels Refreshers Body Butter - £9.99
Swizzels Drumstick Bath Crystals - £9.99
Coconut and Cream Body Butter
Mango and Papaya Body Butter

This post was more of a little photo collection of what I found in my little beauty box. If you guys want a post about any of the products in this post let me know!

Thanks for stopping by, byeeeeeeee!

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Recent Empties | courtneyleighblogs

Recent Empties
Before we even get started in this post, let me apologise for the quality of these photos. I'm currently in the process of redecorating my room, so had to make due without any backdrop board or props. However, I've managed to empty a few items recently so I thought I'd share them with you!

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray
Everyone seems to rave about this so I thought I'd buy mini size of it to see if it was any good. I mean I guess it kept my make up on longer than usual but my make up still came off on my nose / chin area so I feel like it didn't really do a lot more than what my other setting sprays do. Also, the smell reminds me of the mayo you get from a KFC burger which isn't cute first thing in the morning.

Palmers Coconut Oil Repairing Conditioner / Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Beach Mate

I've gone through probably 3 bottles of the Palmers Coconut Oil Repairing Conditioner in the past couple months. I love the fact it's free from all the bad chemicals you get in an average shampoo / conditioner. I love the shampoo that goes with this conditioner as well, the two together leaves my hair super soft! I've also used up all the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle 'Beach Mate' conditioner, I started using this on holiday to save my hair from the damage of the sun / sea and then forgot all about it when I came home, I've recently rediscovered it and I love it! However, I don't think you can still get it now which is annoying.

L'Oreal Pure Clay Detox Wash & Glow Scrub
These two together were the ultimate skin care routine for me in the summer, although now it just doesn't seem to do my skin any justice. Absolutely love the Glow Scrub for first thing in the morning as it exfoliates my skin and makes my make up apply better and I love using the Detox Wash in the evenings when removing my make up for that added bit of cleansing. However, I feel like the detox wash doesn't get as deep as I'd like it to for removing dirt.

L'Oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water
My skin hates me at the moment because I haven't repurchased this. This stuff is incredible! I've written a full blog post about this product here if you want to read my full thoughts, but let's just say nothing I've tried leaves my face as soft at this does.

I love reading posts about what products people have used up and what their thoughts are on them, so I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you've tried any of these products and what your thoughts are.

Thanks for reading, byeeeeeee!

Morphe 'fall into frost' palette | courtneyleighblogs

Morphe palette

Autumn's back in full swing and it's time for me to whip this palette back out again. I use this palette all year round mostly for the light shimmer shades, however.. Autumn is its time to shine!

Morphe 35f palette.

The colour's in this palette are so so gorgeous and scream Autumn to me. There's so many shimmer shades to choose from in this palette. You can create endless amounts of looks from it which makes it so perfect. The pigmentation from the shimmer shades as well is incredible. 

Morphe 35f palette.

My palette is looking a little messy from fallout but there's so many colours I haven't even touched in this palette because I never find the time to have a play around with it. However, I definitely know my favourites shades in this palette are the berry / purple / red colours. They're so so gorgeous and nothing I've seen in another palette before.

Morphe 35f palette.

All the shades in the Fall Into Frost palette complement each other which is why I think I love it so much. They're all so similar but in their own way they're different and I love it!

Morphe Fall Into Frost
 Another thing I love about this palette, is the fact that they have a black shadow! For someone who cannot do liquid eyeliner to save their life, having the black shadow makes it a lot easier to create the look of a liner with the shadow.  The matte shades in this palette are also amazing, there's so many crease shades to choose from and each one helps define the eye a little bit more than the last.

Overall, this is probably my favourite palette I own and I can't wait to properly experiment with this and put it to its full potential.

Have you tried a palette from Morphe? Let me know what your favourite is!

Thanks for reading,

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Why I love Autumn

Autumn leaves.
Don't get me wrong I love the summer months, being able to wear cute outfits, planing days out and not having to worry about the weather etc but there's just something about Autumn / Winter that I just LOVE.

As soon as it hits September, that's summer over for me. I start planning Halloween, what I'm going as, how I'm going to decorate the house, how the pumpkins are going to be carved. Literally anything Halloween based,I'm on it.

It's not just Halloween that I love in the Autumn time, I love that I can start wearing knit jumpers / cardigans and it's socially acceptable where as in the summer you get the weirdest looks. I love the fact that the air starts to get a little cooler and crisp in the morning and evening. Even though I'm that person that constantly moans that it's too cold, I do much prefer it. 

New Look autumn jumper.

I also feel like all the better films start to come out in September / October time and being a lover of the cinema it's time to make use of my unlimited card that gets abandoned a little in the summer. I'm not a massive lover of horror films although I'll watch them to keep the bf happy, I'm more of a Hocus Pocus kinda girl. 

Halloween pumpkins.

I have few 'halloweeny' days out planned this Autumn which I'm super excited about! We've got a 2 day Thorpe Park fright night planned next weekend, we're also planning to do a Fright Night at Colchester Zoo to make use of our gold passes and I think we're also planning to do another night at Scaresville like last year. I really want to go to a Pumpkin Patch this year and pick my own pumpkins so I'm still in the works of persuading that.

Have you got anything planned for Autumn / Halloween? Let me know!

Thanks for reading,

Soap & Glory sheet masks | hit or miss?

Soap & Glory sheet masks.

I’m a huge lover of Soap & Glory so when I saw that they’d brought out face masks of course I was super excited and obviously had to try them! I originally browsed on their website and was drawn to the What A Peeling De-Clog mask. I love a good face mask that's going to get deep and clean my pores. 

Soap & Glory sheet masks.

I was also really intrigued by their sheet masks because I love how quick and simple they are, so I decided I'd pick some of them on my way to work.

My local boots store didn't have the de-clog mask that I wanted, so I opted for the sheet masks. I did actually pick up 3 but was too eager to wait and take a photo and used it, oops. The ones I picked up were the Vitamin C Brightening mask, SPEED PLUMP Miracle Moisture mask and the The Fab Pore Pore-Refining mask.

I tried the pore refining mask and it was the weirdest feeling ever! It was so cooling and almost tingling on the skin. I left it on for around 15-20 minutes and then peeled it off and my skin was glowing!! Honestly looked amazing, however I would recommend doing it at night so that your skin can fully absorb all the product as the sheet masks are dripping with product. I'll definitely repurchase this mask!

Soap & Glory Radiance boosting mask.

Soap & Glory Miracle moisture mask.

After loving the first sheet mask, I'm super excited and have high hopes for these two masks. I'll be sure to keep you updated on how they work. You can get the masks here and here. Boots currently have 'buy one get one half price' across their Soap & Glory skin care range so it's the perfect time!

Thanks for reading,

Harry Potter Studio Tour London

Yesterday, 18th September the bf and I FINALLY went to the Harry Potter studios in London! It was honestly one of the best days so I thought I'd share some photos with you for today's post!

P.s please forgive me for the terrible quality of photos as I only took my phone with me because I've lost my camera.. oops. Enjoy! 

Of course I had to buy a t-shirt?!

I'll only share a few photos from my day there as I don't want to show too much for people who haven't been or are planning to go. I would definitely recommend going if you're a big Harry Potter fan. You can get all the details for how to book here

Let me know if you've been, what was your favourite part?

Thanks for reading .. or should I say looking!

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l'oreal hydra genius aloe water | review

L'oreal Hydragenius Aloe Water.

I've seen so many people rave about this moisturiser and honestly I thought it was just going to be another basic moisturiser and nothing special. However .. I bought a magazine a while back and they had a sample of this stuck to one of the pages so obviously I tried it and I was not disappointed!

L'oreal Hydragenius Aloe Water.

Obviously in a sample packet you don't get a lot of product maybe two or three pumps and that's pretty much it. Although the amount of product inside the sample was able to cover my face twice fully which I loved! So when I saw this out in the stores in Boots I had to buy the full bottle! I think it's usually priced at £9.99 however every now and then they put it on offer and currently it's on sale for £6.66 which you can get 
online or in stores!

L'oreal Hydragenius Aloe Water.

So it's a very thin gel-like consistency and almost feels wet. I usually do three pumps in my hand rub them together and then just put it all over my face. It absorbs almost instantly and soaks into the skin and it feels amaaaaazing! It leaves my skin feeling so refreshed, hydrated and super super soft. I leave my moisturiser in the fridge so when I use it, it's cool and refreshing and definitely a top tip for the summer to help with sun burns. 

I definitely think it's worth the hype and I will continue to repurchase. I'm already on my second bottle and half way through that already, oops!

Let me know if you've tried this and what your thoughts are, I'd love to know! Thanks for reading. 

make up revolution palette collection | courtneyleighblogs

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palettes.
Recently I've been loving these eyeshadow palettes from Makeup Revolution so I thought I'd share them with you. I originally got these palettes from the 12 Days Of Christmas Box that Makeup Revolution brought out last Christmas. 

Makeup Revolution palettes.

So inside the christmas box, you got three eyeshadow palettes and these are the palettes that I got. So I got the Night Shimmers palette, The Matte 18 EDIT and the Matte Forecast Edit 2017. As these were sold within the box I don't actually think you can buy these separately now which is a shame however, Makeup Revolution do very similar palettes that I'm sure will have similar sorts of shades.
Makeup Revolution Night Shimmers.
Probably my favourite palette out of all 3 palettes is the Night Shimmers palette. It's full of gorgeous warm shimmery tones which are perfect for the autumn season now approaching. The shimmers are also insanely pigmented which is amazing considering the price of their palettes.

Makeup Revolution Matte 18 Edit.

This matte palette is also incredible its full off very light buildable shades and the ultra dark shades too which makes it a perfect palette for that everyday basic use. There's also an amazing selection of colours for every skin tone for defining the crease.

Makeup Revolution Matte Forecast Edit 2017.

This palette is very similar to the previous palette, however this palette adds a little bit more colour to shades than the previous one. I love the orange / brown shades in this palette I think they just add a little something more to an everyday basic look. This palette really does have a little something for everyone for an everyday basis.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you've tried anything from Makeup Revolution. I'm eager to try more of their products!