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Hi lovelies!

Usually I have my lazy days on a Sunday but I somehow managed to squeeze one in on a Saturday and I'm loving it. So I thought I'd share with you some of the things I do to have a little pamper day!

So first off, I've been loving baths lately especially with a Lush bath bomb so what better day to start off a little pamper than with a nice hot bath. The bath bomb I chose for the bath today was The Experimenter. This bath bomb doesn't quite top my fav bomb Intergalactic but nevertheless it did leave my bath looking a funky colour and it did smell quite nice so I can't complain. And it is also extremely pretty pre - bath so it'd be rude to not take a photo obviously.

The Experimenter - Lush LTD

Whilst I'm relaxing watching the bath bomb fizz around, I like to then take the opportunity to whack on a face mask. The face mask I'm obsessed with recently is the Detox Clay Mask from L'Oreal. I've raved about this mask before but I just love watching it dry and you can see it soaking into your pores pulling everything out. Gross but satisfying. Usually I'd 'multi-mask' and use all three of the clay masks together however I felt my face needed a full detox so I just used the one.

L'Oreal Pure Detox Clay Mask

I'll then go on and wash my hair, I've recently bought a new shampoo and conditioner set so I'm excited to see the results from the long run of using it. The set that I bought is the L'Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay from Boots. I've heard people rave about this set and my auntie also said it made her feel amazing so I was eager to try it. It claims to bring dry dull ends back to life which is what I desperately need! After one wash it did seem to make my hair smoother and the ends did appear a little less dry and ratty. However I'm due a haircut so hopefully with the cut and this set my hair won't get as bad!

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Shampoo & Conditioner 

Once I'm all washed, out and dried, jumping in a set of a pyjamas and my dressing gown is definitely on the cards. No point in wasting a brand new outfit to sit around the house all day, so pyjamas it is. I'll usually then go and grab a DVD to watch or my current book to read throughout the day. The book I've been reading at the moment is If I Stay by Gayle Forman. I really wanted to see this film in the cinema but never got round to it so I opted for the book. So for so good, I'll keep you updated on my thoughts. The DVD I've been loving lately is the Legend film about the Krays. If you haven't seen it, you need to. It's a bit violent but is such a well made film and would highly recommend it. 

If I Stay paperback book / Legend DVD

Lastly I love having the time to sit down and spend some time painting my nails. I love having freshly painted unchipped nails. I have a small collection of Barry M polishes that I'm trying to slowly grow, I just think their polishes are the best! This time I went for a darker shade of theirs, I think it was in the shade Black Cherry. It was a polish that was out around halloween but it's such a gorgeous colour. Then for my left finger I added some glitter just to add a little detail to my nails which I love!

Barry M nail polish - Black Cherry

That's mainly what I do on my little pamper days, obviously I'll add in the huge pile of junk food, fatty foods and fizzy drinks. I'll have the occasional nap every now and then because I'm just that lazy but yeah, it's a boring day but I LOVE them. I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you do for your lazy days! Thanks for reading!

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I think I said in my last post that I'd neglected my blog, well I've done it again. Christmas came around and I was so busy and worn out that I didn't have the time or energy to sit down and write a massive post. Nevertheless I'm back, hopefully more frequently than last, but I thought I'd share my current favourites at the moment with you, enjooooooy!

Tanya Burr 'Beautifully Defined' Palette

Tanya Burr 'Beautifully Defined' Palette

I got this palette from my nan at christmas and I was actually pleasantly surprised. Considering it was only £9.99 for 3 eyeshadow shades, a bronzer shade, a highlight and a liquid highlight I wasn't holding out too much hope for pigment but I reach for this everyday. The liquid highlight I wasn't too keen on, I don't feel like that actually did much to my face butt then I'm yet to find any liquid highlight that does. However, the bronzer shade and highlight shades are probably my all time favourites. I reach for the bronzer shade without fail now, it's such a nice subtle colour and blends so nicely. It blends into an almost natural looking bronze effect. The highlight shade as well is amazing. I swatched it on my hand and it didn't really do much but on my fan brush and then applied to my face, yeesssss! It's so so cute and blends out looking like a natural glow. Some highlighters I've tried have just left a white / chalky looking line across my face but this is gorgeous and would highly recommend. I haven't really had the chance to play around with the eyeshadow shades however just from swatching on my hand they're very pigmented!

Inside Tanya Burr Beautifully Defined palette 

Sleek MakeUP 'Solstice' highlight palette

 Another present from christmas, this one from a work friend. I've been on about this palette for so long but never got round to actually buying it myself. I think I tweeted once about how I needed this palette and my old pal came to the rescue and bought me it. I love this palette, every shade is amazing especially the 3 powder shades. I love putting the cream one along my cheekbones before my foundation just for a glowy base then going over the top with a powder later on. The glow is amazing and whenever I'm wearing it I always get asked what it is. The shade I reach for the most is the bottom left hand corner or bottom right depending on what look I'm going for. I also LOVE using the bottom left for inner corner highlight on my eyes!

Inside Sleek MakeUP Solstice Palette

This came in the Makeup Revolution 12 days of christmas make up box and I'm SO glad it did. I love this cream. It adds such a healthy and radiant glow to your skin, you can use it all over or just on the places you would add a highlight powder to add a little bit more glow. I personally use it all over my face underneath a glowy foundation so whatever angle you look from my skin has a glow to it which I love. It's super light weight and easy to apply, once it's been applied you can't even feel it on the skin which I love. I would recommend this to everyone!

Make up Revolution Ultra Strobe Cream

Morphe 35F Palette

Prettiest palette ever!! I am in love with palette. I could just look at it all day and be happy. Every colour in this palette screams autumn / winter to me which I love because autumn is my favourite time of year. Although I'll definitely be using this palette all year round. The pigment of all these shades is just amazing, considering the palette is super cheap you wouldn't think the quality would be great but you are wrong... amazingggg!! After trying this palette I'm eager to look at more of their palette Morphe have out. The shades all blend and apply super easily and the matte shades are all buildable which I love. For £21 I can't complain and would recommend everyone go check out the Morphe Palettes!

Morphe 35F - Fall Into Frost Palette

I hope you enjoyed this post, I'm still in the process of juggling work and blogging so bear with me whilst I work it out. But thanks for reading, let me know if you've used any of this products I'd love to know!

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