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top 5 go - to movies.

I'm a huge movie lover, so when it comes to a Sunday, throwing on my pyjamas, putting the heating on, grabbing loads of junk food and putting on a movie is my favourite thing to do. Typically I always go for the same films over and over again so I though I'd share with you my top 5 go to films. Enjoy!

Girl on the train, Me before you, Bridget Jones's baby, Legend, Bridget Jones's Diary

Been waiting on this film for what seems like forever after reading the book and it didn't disappoint. If you haven't heard about this film, you definitely need to know about it, it's so so good! I found the film a little hard to follow at first because of how much it jumps back and forth from flashbacks / time differences etc. I would definitely recommend reading the book beforehand though as the book is amazing and makes it a little easier to follow.

LOVE this film. Although it's a heart string puller it's still one of the best films I've seen. It's a soppy loving film but it's got the quirky humour side throughout it which is why it's such a good film. Definitely keeps you hooked the whole way through. And my boyfriend likes this film so it must be a good one.

If you're an ultimate Bridget lover like me then you NEED this film in your life. I waited so long for this film to come out and I don't think I'd ever been so excited for a film to come out. This in my opinion is definitely my favourite Bridget Jones film, it's so funny and the ending! Ah I was so shocked at the ending but it was such a good ending to a film which is rare for me to say because I usually moan about endings being rubbish. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I don't know why I like this film so much, I'm usually against violence films but I think I must've watched this film like 50 times. It's such a good film and the way Tom Hardy plays both the brothers is such a clever idea. Definitely isn't one I'd recommend if you're not into the violent type of films but if you like action and an intense film then I'd definitely go and watch this.

Ultimate chick flick fav. I've honestly lost count on how many times I've watched this film, one of those film that no matter how many times I watch it I'll never get bored of it. Definitely one of those films I turn to if i want cheering up or if I'm having a 'meh' day. The film that blossomed the love for all things Bridget Jones and big 'bridget underwear!'. 

A short little post today as I've been feeling rough the last few days and dvd's had become my bestfriends. Let me know what your favourite movies are, I'd love to know! Thank you for reading!


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So lately, I feel like I've come to terms with where my life's going (which may I add, isn't anywhere exciting atm), who I have in my life and what I want to do with my life. So I thought what better way to take it all in than to write a post expressing what I would tell younger me if I had the chance. Enjoy!

#1 - Not everyone is your friend

- Just recently I've found myself realising that the 'friends' I thought were my closest friends, were only really my friends because I had to see them 5 days out of the 7. Don't get me wrong, some of the friendships I had, have made me more or less the person I am today and for that I am grateful, just as I am grateful for the memories we shared however, growing up and leaving school has made me realise just how 'childlike' the friendships actually were. There was always such a massive cliche at my school in who was the 'popular' kids and who were the not so 'cool' and quiet kids. I don't think I ever fit into either of those groups. I mean I had friends from both sides of the spectrum, I wouldn't say I was ever really great friends with some of the 'in' kids however I wouldn't say I ever looked down on the quieter ones. 

I've come to realise lately that if a friendship with a person or even in a group leaves you feeling worthless or unhappy about yourself or about something you've chose to do in your life. It is okay to leave that group or person. If you're doing something in your life that makes you happy and they don't agree or approve, that's okay too. Everyone will have a different opinion and outlook on something, but as long as said thing makes you happy that's all that matters; and if said person(s) can't be happy for you and respect your decision, are they really a friend?

#2 - Grades are important

- In school I was always the idiot in the class talking or not paying attention to what was going on. I'm sure 90% of my parents evening meetings went along the lines of "Courtney is such a capable girl when she puts her mind to it. If Courtney worked as hard as she chatted she would be an A* student". I always listened to older people when they said grades didn't matter, you'd still get a career if you wanted to etc, which in a way is true. However, nowadays it's a lot harder without those grades. If I had the chance to go back to school now, I don't think I ever would purely because I hated school. The learning part I didn't hate, I think it was more the social side I didn't like. I was a sociable kid, I spoke to people, I had friends etc I just don't think I was ever really confident in myself which is what I hated about it. I was always nervous / on edge. But if I could tell younger me then to focus, revise and just pay attention in my lessons I definitely would. I'm 19 years old now, pushing 20 and currently in a retail job that I wouldn't say was my favourite place to be. I really want to go back to college and pick up a course that I actually want to be involved with as a career.

#3 - Everything's going to work out

- This was always a phrase I would hear people say or ' If it's not okay, it's not the end'. Back then, in my last couple of years of high school I used to laugh whenever I heard that phrase because I couldn't ever imagine a different life from what I was living. Leaving school / sixth form was probably one of the best things that could've happened. I've grown so much as a person I think personally, I've become a lot more confident in myself and in stuff I was always so worried about, I've learned to love things I never really cared about in myself or in things I didn't even think for. I've lost friends along the way, but I've also gained the most precious friends and boyfriend. Losing friends is a part of growing up and I've come to realise that it's okay for that to happen. The friends I have now and my boyfriend are mainly the reason I don't dread waking up every morning and facing the world. The friends I have now actually make an effort to check up on me, to ask me about my day, to listen if I have a worry. I've come to realise that that's more of what a friendship is than just going places together and doing things.

Everyone has down days, or a down week and that's okay. As long as you don't drag it out to be a bad month or bad year. If something's not making you happy, change it. You're the only person putting a barrier in front of yourself. If you want that job, go for it. If you want to change courses, do it. That friend making you feel worse about yourself than better? Leave them. This was all stuff I wish I had listened to back then and believe me, once you do it, you're a lot happier. It's hard losing people, but if they don't bring anything positive to your life what's the point?

This was a long post, but I feel like with it all written out, everything comes in to perspective. I've had a good few years recently, but I'm determined to make 2017 an even better year. If you have anything you would tell your younger self back then, what would it be? why? Let me know, I'm so interested in what your thoughts are.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it!

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highlight collection - jeffree star, lottie london | courtneyleighblogs

Can a girl ever have too many highlighters? The answer is never. For today's post I thought I'd share with you my small but ever growing highlight collection that I've manged to accumulate recently. It's a small amount and I intend to add to it immensely but I thought I'd share with you what I own now. Enjoy!!

Jeffree Star Skin Frost - Ice Cold

Jeffree Star Skin Frost - Ice Cold 
I was given this as a gift from christmas and I couldn't have been happier. As much of a highlight lover Jeffree Star is I just knew his own highlighters would not disappoint... and of course it didn't! I got the shade Ice Cold and it's such a gorgeous shade. It blends super nicely onto the skin and doesn't leave a harsh white line which I thought it might have because of how white the shade is. When my friend ordered me this she ordered it directly from Jeffree Stars website however I think they're now available to order from Beauty Bay now in the UK which makes it a lot cheaper!

Jeffree Star Skin Frost - Ice Cold

Lottie London highlight palette - Shimmer Squad

I noticed a small selection of Lottie London products in my local Superdrug store a while back and I was instantly attracted to their products purely because of how cute everything looked! I hadn't heard of this brand at all before but then I recently watched a review video from Emily Canham  (testing out lottie london make up) where she tried out a ton of Lottie London products. This shimmer squad palette definitely stood out to me! I just love the shades of the highlighters and mainly how amazingly pigmented they are! Honestly for a drugstore brand and for the price of 4 shades these are amazing. I knew as soon as Emily swatched it that I was going to end up owning that palette some how or another. If you haven't already checked this out, you need to!!

Lottie London - Shimmer Squad highlighting palette

MUA Undress Your Skin - Iridescent Gold

This is starting to look so battered and bruised now because for a good month or so this was my go-to highlighter. The lid of the case has snapped so now all I'm left with is just the pan and powder so I have to be so so careful if I ever plan on taking it anywhere with me which is heartbreaking because I love this highlighter so much. I think this cost like £3 and my god it's amazing. The pigmentation is incredible but in such a natural looking way. When I apply it, it almost seems like it becomes one with my foundation / powder. Some cheap highlighters I've tried have almost just sat on top of my foundation and left a chalky line whereas this one blends in so nicely. I'm so eager to pick up the other shades in this collection and see how they look applied.

Sleek Highlight Palette - Solstice
I've raved about this before in a favourites post before I think so I won't ramble too much about this product however I will tell you that it's incredible. The cream top left shade is my favourite cream highlight to apply to my cheekbones before my foundation as sort of a primer for my powder highlight. It's also a really cute colour to use if you aren't planning to wear any foundation but still want a bit of glow. It blends out lovely so you can't even tell you have a product on. The other 3 powder shades are also just as incredible with the bottom left being my absolute fav! The bottom right shade is something I think I'll be reaching for a lot in the summer when it comes to having a bit more colour and life to my skin. I love mixing the top right in with the bottom left if I want an intense highlight with a pop of colour. I just love this little palette.

Sleek Highlight Palette - Solstice
 That's all for my little collection of highlighters at the moment.. I'm pretty sure I have highlighters inside other palettes and products as well but I thought I'd share just the main highlight palettes themselves. Let me know what are your go to highlighters. Have you tried any of these ones? let me know! I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading!