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Can a girl ever have too many highlighters? The answer is never. For today's post I thought I'd share with you my small but ever growing highlight collection that I've manged to accumulate recently. It's a small amount and I intend to add to it immensely but I thought I'd share with you what I own now. Enjoy!!

Jeffree Star Skin Frost - Ice Cold

Jeffree Star Skin Frost - Ice Cold 
I was given this as a gift from christmas and I couldn't have been happier. As much of a highlight lover Jeffree Star is I just knew his own highlighters would not disappoint... and of course it didn't! I got the shade Ice Cold and it's such a gorgeous shade. It blends super nicely onto the skin and doesn't leave a harsh white line which I thought it might have because of how white the shade is. When my friend ordered me this she ordered it directly from Jeffree Stars website however I think they're now available to order from Beauty Bay now in the UK which makes it a lot cheaper!

Jeffree Star Skin Frost - Ice Cold

Lottie London highlight palette - Shimmer Squad

I noticed a small selection of Lottie London products in my local Superdrug store a while back and I was instantly attracted to their products purely because of how cute everything looked! I hadn't heard of this brand at all before but then I recently watched a review video from Emily Canham  (testing out lottie london make up) where she tried out a ton of Lottie London products. This shimmer squad palette definitely stood out to me! I just love the shades of the highlighters and mainly how amazingly pigmented they are! Honestly for a drugstore brand and for the price of 4 shades these are amazing. I knew as soon as Emily swatched it that I was going to end up owning that palette some how or another. If you haven't already checked this out, you need to!!

Lottie London - Shimmer Squad highlighting palette

MUA Undress Your Skin - Iridescent Gold

This is starting to look so battered and bruised now because for a good month or so this was my go-to highlighter. The lid of the case has snapped so now all I'm left with is just the pan and powder so I have to be so so careful if I ever plan on taking it anywhere with me which is heartbreaking because I love this highlighter so much. I think this cost like £3 and my god it's amazing. The pigmentation is incredible but in such a natural looking way. When I apply it, it almost seems like it becomes one with my foundation / powder. Some cheap highlighters I've tried have almost just sat on top of my foundation and left a chalky line whereas this one blends in so nicely. I'm so eager to pick up the other shades in this collection and see how they look applied.

Sleek Highlight Palette - Solstice
I've raved about this before in a favourites post before I think so I won't ramble too much about this product however I will tell you that it's incredible. The cream top left shade is my favourite cream highlight to apply to my cheekbones before my foundation as sort of a primer for my powder highlight. It's also a really cute colour to use if you aren't planning to wear any foundation but still want a bit of glow. It blends out lovely so you can't even tell you have a product on. The other 3 powder shades are also just as incredible with the bottom left being my absolute fav! The bottom right shade is something I think I'll be reaching for a lot in the summer when it comes to having a bit more colour and life to my skin. I love mixing the top right in with the bottom left if I want an intense highlight with a pop of colour. I just love this little palette.

Sleek Highlight Palette - Solstice
 That's all for my little collection of highlighters at the moment.. I'm pretty sure I have highlighters inside other palettes and products as well but I thought I'd share just the main highlight palettes themselves. Let me know what are your go to highlighters. Have you tried any of these ones? let me know! I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading!


  1. These are lovely shades! Only if I was good at doing my eyeshadow ��

  2. I love Jeffree Star! That color looks amazing.


    1. It honesty is, I'm super eager to try more shades!

      Courtney x