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My recent visit to Lush
 I feel like whenever I take a visit to my local Lush store I always have to come and share what I bought even if it's like one thing. This time I bought two things and I'm so super excited about them that I had to share them.

Intergalactic bath bomb and Golden Egg bath bomb melt.
 So the two things I purchased this time where of course more bath bombs. One I've already bought before and loved so much and a new one that I've seen all over Instagram / Facebook so much recently that I just HAD to try it. So the bath bomb I repurchased was the Intergalactic bomb. I bought this one not long ago and absolutely loved it so obviously I had to repurchase it. The second bath bomb that I purchased which I was SO excited about was the Golden Egg bomb. I have seen this everywhere just lately and it looked amazing so I needed it!

Intergalactic Lush bath bomb.

I think the Intergalactic bath bomb might be my favourite bath bomb from Lush that I've tried. I just love the way it leaves my bath looking and LOVE the smell of peppermint that floats around the bathroom once it's in the bath. Honestly I think I loved it so much purely for the glitter, however if you haven't tried this one I would totally recommend it!

Golden Egg Lush bath bomb.

So this is my show stopper, the one I've been most excited about trying and it's this gorgeous Golden Egg smothered in gold glitter flakes. There's so much glitter on this bath bomb that the second you touch it, everything on you and around you is covered in glitter, which I'm not going to complain about because I love glitter. However, I can see how that turns people away. I tried this bath bomb the night I got it because I couldn't wait and it's amazing! I think the lady in Lush said that the bomb contained cocoa butter which fits the easter thing amazingly but most importantly it left my skin feeling AMAZING. I'd shaved my legs in the bath because I feel like you can't really appreciate how soft your legs are unless they're freshly shaved. So when I got out, they felt amazing!! I'm pretty sure I sat there and just felt my legs for a good 10 minutes, I think I even got my boyfriend to feel them at one point because they felt so good. The only downside is the amount of glitter that gets stuck at the bottom of your bath but once again I'm not going to complain because I love it!

What are your favourite bath bombs or your favourite products from Lush? I'd love to know!

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  1. These are the two bath bombs I've been desperate to try!! The golden egg looks incredible!! I will definitely be having to make a trip to Lush very soon.
    Robyn //

  2. The golden egg bath bomb is my ultimate favourite!! Xx

  3. Intergalactic is my all time favourite Lush bath bomb, the colour it leaves the water is simply amazing! Golden Egg looks lovely too!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush♡