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Lottie London Shadow Swatch - The Rusts. 

I'm a huge Lottie London crusher, I just think all their products are super quirky and cute. Especially the packaging! I used to always eye of the Lottie London products in my local Superdrug store whenever I went in there, however after watching Emily Canham's video on youtube of her trying Lottie London products, I was sold! You can watch Emily's video here

Lottie London Shadow Swatch - The Rusts.

The one thing I was really eager to try out was the eyeshadow palettes. The one I was excited to try was the Rose Golds palette but it wasn't available in local store so I opted for The Rusts palette.

Lottie London - The Rusts shadows.

There's a lot of cool tones in this palette which I love because I'm not the most confident person when it comes to eyeshadow so I thought this palette would be perfect to practice with. My favourite shades from this palette are the shimmer shades. They are absolutely stunning and they're so pigmented!

Lottie London The Rusts Shimmer Swatches.

Some of the matte shades aren't as pigmented as I'd want them too be however they are buildable which is fine for me because I can work on making my eyeshadow better. My favourite matte shade is the orange shade (lauren) it's so cute and makes my eye colour pop so much.

Lottie London The Rusts Matte Swatches.

Have you tried any products from Lottie London? What's your favourite product? Let me know!!

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I think I have an obsession? Barry m | courtneyleighblogs

I think I have a slight obsession when it comes to Barry M nail polishes. It's the only brand of polish I ever seem to buy, I don't know why I just love all their colours and each different collection has something to benefit my nails so it's a win-win. I thought I'd share with you what polishes I have in my collection, feel free to let me know what shades / polishes you have in your collection. Make sure to tell me which one is your favourite!

Barry M Nail Polishes.

From left to right:

Barry M - Masquerade - £2.95
Barry M - Prickly Pear - £3.99
Barry M - Rose Hip - £3.99
Barry M - Laguna - £4.99
Barry M - Passion Fruit - £3.99
Barry M - Pomegrante - £3.99
Barry M - 3 in 1 Top Coat & Nail Hardener - £4.99
Barry M - Mango - £4.28
Barry M - Black Cherry - £3.99
Barry M - Pit Stop - £2.99
Barry M - Aloha - £4.99
Barry M - Plumpy Topcoat - £2.99
Barry M - Freestyle - £2.99

Barry M Pomegrante, Mango, Black Cherry, Pit Stop, Plumpy Top Coat
& Freestyle.

The Gelly Hi-Shine nail polishes from Barry M are personally my favourite polishes from Barry M as I love the look of a gel finished nail polish and I feel like these polishes last the longest on my nails. However, the Speedy polishes are also a favourite of mine if I need to paint my nails but need them in a quick amount of time as the dry up so so quick which is perfect.

Barry M Masquerade, Prickly Pear, Laguna, Pomegrante, Mango, Black Cherry.

The Coconut Infusion polishes are also very good because not only do they make my nails look super cute but they also make my nails healthier and stronger as they are infused with coconut oil, and all these polishes are under £5 which is amazing!

Barry M Masquerade, Rose Hip, Prickly Pear, Passion Fruit, Mango.

These are all the polishes I own from Barry M and I hope to add more colours to this collection as I just love them so so much! What's your favourite shade? Let me know!

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