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Holler and Glow Baby Unicorn, Self Made and Rogue Mermaid.

Hi guys!

Every post I say I'm going to get back into blogging again then I just give up and leave it for months. HOWEVER, I'm determined to stick to it this time! So what better 'come back' post than a nail polish one?

I've always got my nails painted, I just can't stand plain nails! Usually the brand I'll reach for is Barry M, however lately, all I've been reaching for are these Holler And Glow polishes.

Holler And Glow is a brand recently been added to Primark and I believe is exclusive only to Primark. It's a super affordable brand and all their products are sooooo cute, you honestly can't go wrong.

The three shades I've been LOVING lately, are these three in the photo above, in the shades Baby Unicorn, Self Made and Rogue Mermaid. First of, can we talk about how cute the shade names are? Like who doesn't love a unicorn and mermaid.

Baby Unicorn, Self Made, Rogue Mermaid.

Baby Unicorn is my favourite nail polish to put over the top of a bold bright colour to add a little sparkle. It's a super clear glittery shimmer shade and can add that little something extra to any colour. Self Made is the shade I've been wearing the most recently, it's such a gorgeous shade. In some lights its a bold shimmering gold and under a different light it has an undertone of rose gold, it's absolutely gorgeous. Finally my first Holler And Glow purchase is the shade Rogue Mermaid. This colour is stunning, at first glance it looks like a shimmery blue then when caught in the light it has undertones of purple and green. Perfect for that holographic look.

Baby Unicorn, Self Made, Rogue Mermaid.

Have you tried anything from Holler And Glow? Let me know what your favourites were!
Thanks for reading, see you in the next post!


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